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So what's the deal with Aitor ? I'd hoped there'd be a collection or something but we only got that preview event that looks like more of the same
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I always like checking out what Christopher Shannon does, but was a bit let down this time.

Can anyone post up pics/video from Aithor Throup's show? Google is failing me.
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Aitor seems to be pushing for a seasonless production and distribution model for his studio so the preview exhibition he did seemed to be more about building some buzz and giving a small teaser about the coming collection. I will try and collate the info I have been able to get and post it here. He has stated that he has essentially created a series of forms for clothing that he is basically going to be iterating on constantly so I guess seeing more of the same he has put out before is not such a surprise. It is a bit disappointing though, but I am holding out hope that because he seems to really enjoy letting narratives govern his design decisions, that we should get some cool flourishes to the basic stuff like his pants etc.

__CB__ There are photos up from the exhibition on Nowfashion, but it's nothing really interesting (at least in the context of this thread?). One shirt and various configurations of the shiva skull bag from his Hooligans/Hindu gods collection a while back. Link here

Some quotes on his current collection and his studio work model -
THE COLLECTION: “My work is centred around a network of ongoing non-seasonal concepts, which we continuously re-visit in order to improve and distil, rather than diffuse. When I generate a new concept or idea, it's not specific to a season.”

FUTURE PLANS: “Finally launching my brand, which aims to question the standardised ways of the industry in terms of creation and communication, by suggesting a new, commercially viable way to retain creative integrity. We refuse to react to the pressure of seasonal thematic 'newness'.”
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i'm sort of sick of his bullshit by now to tell you the truth. a fucking parka here, umbra shorts there, a few pairs of pants. get it together
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Anybody know if Plokhov will be doing a ss13 presentation in Paris, or just back to NYFW's runway?
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Ta for the link Ivwri - I'm a bit confused too as it was billed as a product launch...
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I think Aitor Throup has been dead for more than a year and this is all a hoax...
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was just watching this actually. interesting the way he talks about his stuff. we certainly shouldn't expect seasonal collections from him. sounds like he's designed what he wants to put out at this point and he'll just dip into his archives now and again, maybe tweaking things a little.
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22 objects are expected for jan. mwink[1].gif

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Thanks for the vid, makes a huge difference already.
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there are 6 shows , most on friday 29th (mwink[1].gif), and GBS on 2-4 july, that i am looking forward to
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same here, 28th is gonna be massive P Lim, Vuitton, Viktor & Rolf , Gaultier, ...
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Originally Posted by sipang View Post

Cardin himself apparently. TB in London was pretty unassuming looking, more like an informal presentation

I thought they were bringing in someone new? Before his YSL post, Hedi was rumoured to be linked with Cardin


Originally Posted by sipang View Post

same here, 28th is gonna be massive P Lim, Vuitton, Viktor & Rolf , Gaultier, ...

Didn't know you were a V&R fan

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Trend of SS13 will be murals on painful and exposed parts of the body

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