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Agree on the camo (I'm on your wavelength today, AFL). It's like camo as floral, or something(?). I bet it will look amazing in person. Incidentally, I just had a look at some of the f/w Dries stuff in person. It looks very different than I imagined it would. Still figuring out my feelings toward the psychedelic stuff, but most of the stuff I saw looked great.

Really like Yohji. I know he's associated with a lot of black, but I think his color choices are great. The blues are all nice.
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It's like camo as floral, or something(?)..

Yeah, that's a nice way to put it. There's a look towards the end of the show with a black (dark grey?) suit, camo knit, and camo shirt which is one of my favorites. Two different camo patterns, but they don't clash and it looks really sharp. I would probably wear the whole look as is.
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Paint splatter camo

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Sipang, is the wawawa excitement or wailing and gnashing of teeth? lol8[1].gif

How can you even ask that !!
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I really like Yohji's choices in footwear. It's funny to see so much obsessing over baller sneakers on SF and just generally, and then Yohji sends down simple canvas sneakers that look great. like Yohji x Keds (I would buy a pair in every color)
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this suit is too fucking cool. which designer is it again, I forget...

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I apologize for even doubting your good taste sip-san. Damn this was a good collection. Can't wait for higher resolution pics and of course video. vaulter from the YY thread was able to make it for the show and said that Yohji had "For Sale" stitched on to the back of his jacket, hehe. That and the make up shows that he really had a lot of fun.

I haven't had a look at the Issey show yet, but definitely agree with you with regards to Balenciaga. Is the new guy in charge of both men's and women's?

Anyone seen Rick? They are loving it up over on SZ, but I dunno. Looks too much like more of the same from last Spring and that wasn't mind glowingly awesome either. If those shorts are shorts and not skirts, I can dig it though. The shoes and leg-warmers are absolutely ffffuuuu.gif.
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That's Dries from FW12 mikey
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I like Rick's blazers (that sandy/taupe elongated one is cool) and a few of the pieces with geometric patterns. But yeah, those shoes and leg warmers are lol8[1].gifpuzzled.gif
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As pretty much everyone has already said, Yohji colors are wonderful. I'm especially a sucker for those kinda faded shiny/pearly colors, the pinkish blazer in the second look, the greyish blue pants and blazer a bit further down, the teal trousers etc.

Can't get excited about Rick stuff, on the other hand I'm pretty indifferent about leg warmers... I like the translucent blazers I guess.

Afaik Christopher Booth only designs menswear and Ghesquiere is and has always been in charge of Balenciaga women's.
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Dries Spring 2013 seems to be a direct continuation of Spring 2012 , I won't complain about that.

That said I feel it's a bit "plain" (same goes for Spring 2011) compared to the refinement and prints extravaganza of Spring 2010. I kinda miss that stuff.
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Definitely agree. Dries s/s2010 is one of my favorite collections. It was the prints but also how relaxed it felt. The last few seem a little stiff to me, though I think this collection was good.
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Leg warmers are terrible...remind me too much of japanese school girls....But hey, they are made by dick owens so expect people paying hundreds for them....

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Originally Posted by mike868y View Post

this suit is too fucking cool. which designer is it again, I forget...
Too cool.
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yohji wins 35
time to go check it out now
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Junya was surprisingly tame, kind of a back-to-basics collection, I guess. Probably going to sell really well. I liked Ann a lot, the prints were great and it feels very flowy. The almost-iridescent purple and apricot colors remind me of Haider.

I want a pair of those big printed yohji pants.
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