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Poppa -
I will be posting camo samples in the next few days. For Fall exclusives.

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camo tote ... tell millerain to step it up!!!
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Wolf vs Goat only needs 65 votes and style forum only needs 9 votes. Let's do this, people.
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I think I was around #19, got my friend and girlfriend to vote too. What are your odds of getting picked after you hit the 250?

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I honestly have a good shot. We have a strong plan with great writers and a solid story. Getting the votes is a lot harder than I thought.
I think we can do it. There are 12 grants being offered. I would say about 20% off all the applicants will make the 250 vote mark.
I am one of 110 business in DC and to date only one has collected over 250 votes. It seems to be like that all over the states.
Look how big SF is and they haven't received 250 votes yet. I thought they would have got 250 votes in a day. People are skeptical to vote because of spam, lack of interest/caring, or other quirks. I would think with all the people on SW&D people would have rallied together especially for SF and what they want to offer their members. As for me I know a lot of people don't know the brand or don't care about what I make but I thought for sure I would get 250 votes considering i have that many tote holders and they would benefit from the grant as much as I would.
Sorry for the drawn out semi rant.
I do think I have a very solid shot at winning.

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I voted for you as soon as I saw this, Mauro, no lookie lou here smile.gif Good luck with the grant; I'd love to see your line expand. Those OD oxfords I bought way back when are still my most worn shirts.
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i dunno my vote #. but was early!
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il- thanks for the good words.

Update we only need 49 votes. I know we can spread the word and knock this shit out!!!!
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I voted too! But not sure what number am I... My gf voted for you too biggrin.gif
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voted too! #202
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#203, good luck.
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i vote in the leather soul , sf, and yours....i thought the user base of the forum was huge...but i guess not everyone here uses Facebook...either that or a rep system needs to be put into place as some incentive...possibly...

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I appreciate your support.
I am always giving incentives. That's probably my biggest downfall. My family cringes when I give stuff away. I am not sure what a rep system would accomplish on this site. The internet is a tricky beast.
I was under the impression that the SF was a community that was put in place to help educate people on fashion and life. That's what I try to do for the most part. I have mellowed out quite a bite from when I first joined. However, there will ALWAYS be people on the forum and internet that think they know more than the next guy and will try to impose their will.
The forum is pretty big, maybe that's why it is hard to galvanize the group together. You have a lot of different interests and people don't always see eye to eye. That's the great thing about fashion. You truly have the ability to express yourself however you like. Some people like a Euro club look while others prefer work wear and we haven't even scratched the surface in dress codes. there are tons of genres in SW&D and we haven't even touched the menswear side. I do feel that this forum gives a person the opportunity to learn about different styles of dress and lifestyle. hat's a great thing. It allows oneself to open up to ideas that they might have never tried on their own.
Like I said earlier, you might not like the aesthetic of WvG but you still can appreciate what goes into the brand. That goes for all brands from a target collection to Rick Owens.
I have watched this forum grow a shit ton over the years and I am not even close to a founding member so I can't even imagine what the guys have in store for the new members over the next few years.

Styeforum reached the 250 vote mark. Everyone should wish them and Leather Soul good luck into the next round. I am less than 50 votes away so I am confident that WvG will hit the magic 250 number.
If you do have facebook and you would like to see WvG advance into the next round your vote would be appreciated the max.



www.missionsmallbusiness.com vote for "wolf vs goat"
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# 207 Checking in...best of luck to you.
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voted real early! gluck!
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