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I was trying to be nice Mauro. Trying to help your business. My bad, asshole!
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Ha! Don't be pissy your in Lamda Lamda Lamda.
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Voted and passed. Also, beware last time I went to Krish's he threw me down a well in his basement and kept passing a bottle of Olay down in a picnic basket. It was creepy the way he kept yelling at me to put in on my skin or else I get the hose again...
(cue "goodbye horses")
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All I'm saying is there are close to 500 views on this thread and I have 165 votes. All I know is that all you lookie lous could step up and vote and this thread would be closed. Wolf vs goat would have a shitload of votes already. Vote for "wolf vs goat"


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^Does this apply to previous votes before you posted that :-p? Got my roommates to give you votes 168+169! Also, incoming PM, Mauro.
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171 homie
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I think I was 63 ish- and my girlfriend was around 102 ish...

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No vote #, but I hope this suffices biggrin.gif

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Yes, those all count and lesa I am throwing in another vote for you for creating a Facebook page for just this grant. I appreciate the support!!!!!
Let's keep'em coming.
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vote #175

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vote #176
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voted 178

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Nice, I am at 180. styleforum is over 200. You may vote for as many people as you like. Please vote for both of us. Hopefully soon we both will surpass 250 like leather soul did.
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Awesome! Can't wait to hear how this works out!
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Vote #182
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