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Well, had to make a facebook account, but voted.
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We are up to 106 votes!!!

It has also been brought to y attention that "Styleforum" is also applying for a grant. There are 12 grants so please let's vote for "Styleforum" as well as Wolf vs Goat. It would be really awesome if "Stylefourm" and "Wolf vs Goat" both won grants. It can happen and with your help we will be one step closer. Ya hear!


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TBH, I've never bought anything from WvG as it's a bit out of my price range for what I'm looking for. However, I love almost everything that WvG has produced and the brand as a whole. I hope that I'll be able to purchase a variety pieces from them in the future. I voted and hope you can keep the company on strong.
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Is it within 30% of your price range? That's a fixable problem teacha.gif
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who- Thanks for the good words. I really appreciate it. You might be a prime candidate for the tote program. You should look into it.
Thank you again for the support.

We are 50% there. I am not sure what styleforum is but I am sure they will reach their goal easily.


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Just put my vote in... and linked to it on my Facebook too. Vote guys!
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Originally Posted by Mauro View Post

who- Thanks for the good words. I really appreciate it. You might be a prime candidate for the tote program. You should look into it.
Thank you again for the support.

Yea, I've looked in to it but I'm hesitant as it's an investment before I'm even sure the shirts will fit me how I want them. I don't doubt how great they are, but I do doubt my body fitting to most OTR shirts, >_>. Money's a bit tight right now as in a few months I'll be tens of thousands in debt for med school :-p. In a decade though, I'd be able to pick a buttload haha. Also debating whether I want more shirts or a ToJ leather too, heh.

PS, I love that Mauro is here talking to her customers on the regular, especially that he jokes around on here and is not all business. It's so great to see the man behind the company interacting with people and makes the company feel that much more warm. Transparency goes a long way.
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^^ thanks again. The tote really pays for itself especially on your birthday month. If the loot is tight don't do it, wait til the tie is right.You seem to have a good head on your shoulders, which is a good thing considering you are going to be a doctor.
Post on my thread the guys ( tote holders) are getting into MTM a lot more. Hear what they have to say.
If I win this grant I will be around a lot longer , that's for sure.
All I know is that with all the people and guest on this site WvG and Styleforum should both surpass the 250 vote marker.
Spread the word around the forum so I won't have to post some much. My fingers are cramping.



Vote for Wolf vs Goat at
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I think your decision has been made considering TOJ is on a hiatus, that it may never return from.
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What's going on with ToJ? Drew has always been a good guy. I hope he continues ToJ. He seemed to have a great following and he really loved what he was doing.
Good Night SF. Thank you for the support I am almost at 150 votes. I think we can knock out 100 more. Spread the word to vote for "wolf vs goat" and "styleforum"
on www.missionsmallbusiness.

Thanks to all the guys who stopped by today and picked up some WvG gear.


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He's just taking a break, Mauro. Orders closed the first of this month and once they fulfill those orders he will be on a temporary hiatus. He plans to move away from MTM, which had been his current model, and reform the brand with an entirely new, expanded line when TOJ returns. No word on how long that will be yet.
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Good to see some support and votes... Got char to vote as well. Go Mauro!
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Whats up Mauro!
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If your columbus is the same as mine (I'm at Ohio State for undergrad) and you're a medium, I may have AD and BD shirts that you can try on if you want to. I've got a wardrobe of like 15 to 20 shirts that could fit you if you were. Let me know. And by that I mean via PM. It's not that weird. I met Mauro for the first time at lunch at the North Market.

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Stop trying to pick up guys on the interwebz. This is the " Vote for Wolf vs Goat" thread not the " Hi, I'm Krish come to my frat house and try on my clothes "thread ( in front of all my Lamda Lamda Lamda Brothers).

Good news. We have less than 100 votes to go!! So if you are on the web and haven't voted let's put this puppy to bed, today!!

If you don't know where to vote just go to www.missionsmallbusiness.com and vote for "wolf vs goat".

Happy Fathers Day.

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