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For some of the younger posters this site might be a nice site for you, basically new men's clothes every month curated to your tastes. All are less than $50 and you only pay to keep them (or you can ship them back for free). Or you can just buy items as you would at an ordinary store.



From TechCrunch

Subscribers just go to the Frank & Oak site and enter their clothing preferences. Then, once a month you get an email newsletter with a list of items for sale, curated to your interests — Song compares it to a personalized men’s fashion magazine. (At first, I thought a monthly newsletter didn’t seem frequent enough, but Song says men in their 20s and early 30s don’t want to buy clothes more often than that.) You select up to five items, which are then shipped to you free of charge. The ones you don’t like, or that don’t fit, you send back, and you pay for the ones you keep. The goal, Song says, is to create “the most hassle-free experience I’ve ever had.”



Inviting other gives you store credit for your first purchase! so I'll start the invite chain,


PS: (From TechCrunch again)


Enter the code “TECHGO” and you’ll get $10 off your next purchase.

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