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Good news. Went to the dermatologist and she perscribed something (can't remember now, but I think it started with a C ) and she says that my acne will be pretty much gone by Christmas.. Yay. She says that if I'm not clear by January, she'll keep working on another cure, and either way I'm going to see her again in Feb, she'll take a look at getting rid of scarring. Again; Yay.
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Get an oil-free lotion, because you're face is going to be hella dry. mrprlover has it right.
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Most of what I'd advise has been covered, so I'll just add a few things. Instead of using shaving cream, I'd reccomend Edge's shaving gel with aloe. My skin seems to be irritated easily, so the gel w/ aloe might be something you should consider. Also, invest in a good after shave lotion. Don't even think about using after shave (the cologne-type), the alcohol in it will be murder on your skin. Instead, buy a lotion-type cream without heavy fragrances (that could irritate your skin) and apply it fairly sparingly, you don't want it to dry out your skin. Many also have aloe in it, which will really help your skin after a shave. I'm not too sure on brands, but I know Nivea and Neutrogena make some good ones at lower prices. As far as razors, I use an electric and find the shave to be just as close as with a blade. Mine is a wet/dry shaver however, and I love it because I can use it in the shower and with shaving gel. I used a standard 'dry' electric razor for a while, and it always gave me bad razor burn. I never have that problem with this one. It's a panasonic and I got it for less than $100. One last thing to remember - believe it or not, your facial hair gets used to the razor you use. If you switch razors, you can expect a one or two week period where you might find your skin to be irritated.
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