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Hello- I'm 16 and realized the past few weeks that my "face fuzzies" are beginning to "get real" So... not that I'm ready to shave yet, but I'm thinking I should be getting ready, cuz if this gets any worse fast, I'll be doing so before next summer. My dad has pleasantly ignored the situation so I'm turning to the good old backup source: the net... So, I'm basically wondering where I can find out more on the subject... elecric shaver or a razor, what line of products, gel or cream? Any sites/links that you know of? Thanks in advance.
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I use the trusty Gilette Mach 3 Turbo that was sent to me free from Gilette on my 18th birthday. They'll send you one also, in two years. It's kind of scary realizing that there's at least one huge company that knows where you live (the others being credit card companies.) I use a can of Colgate shaving cream. It's cheap, and it works. It's better than shaving without. Protip: Shave after you shower, or better yet, while you're still showering. You save time and your skin will thank you.
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You're kidding- they know when you turn 18? Imagine the size of that database. So you're saying stick with the traditional 'ol razors & cream?
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Yes, they know. And sure, I hear electrics don't shave as closely, and you'll have to get one that's able to work while wet (although I imagine practically all of them do that these days.) I never liked the thought of pressing something that's buzzing violently against my jaw. Shave slowwwly with the traditional razors until you get used to it. You don't want to cut or nick yourself, a near-impossible thing to do with the new floating blade designs they have now, but it still happens from time to time. This is why I suggest shaving in/after a shower; your skin is soaked and soft with water, so it's less prone to getting all gored up.
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You're kidding- they know when you turn 18? Imagine the size of that database.
It's called the Social Security Administration. The same way they know to send you draft registration cards is same way they send you razors. Gillette rents the name and address from the postal service and voila - new lifetime customer. Pretty smart. They may not know WHO you are, but they know you're male and they know you're 18...
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go talk to your dad. here's my advice, coming from one who started shaving when i was 12. seriously. if your peach fuzz is starting to turn real, it's time to start shaving that area. i see pictures of myself on my 12th birthday and i have this really silly looking moustache. if you have something like this, you look worse than you think. if your dad has an electric, i'd borrow his for now. but be careful, most of them are not designed for wet use. use it before you bathe, not after. once the hairs start coming in thicker, you might want to switch to a wet blade, in which case remember they all work. all the shave creams work too, so there's no need to spend a lot until you can really afford to. you won't notice the benefits of the more expensive products until you have a thicker, tougher beard anyway. remember to glide the blade over your skin, instead of mashing it into your face. shave only in the direction of the growth. hope this helps. and yes, that was very good advice about shaving in the shower.
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I'll take all your advice except "go talk to your dad" as that's simply out of the question; he hates shaving... he'd rather not do it at all, but my mom makes him- they compromise by him shaving only once a week. He says it irritates his skin, and while that may be he certinaly isn't activley searching for a solution, just looking really "gone to seed" by time friday comes :-) He tends to get irritated when I bring up the subject... so I'll just be doing my own thing. So, no, he doesn't use an electric razor, but he owns one... He owns an older Braun, I think. Not sure of the different ones, but I know this one is certainly not water-safe. (He also owns a nose/ear hair trimmer, but he refuses to use that as well, with unspeakably gross results) Also- yes, it certainly is turning real, it's creeping down my sideburns (all the way to just above my jaw), but its the worst at my chin. And since my Acne refuses to clear up, my face looks like a complete war zone, what with dry skin, red blotches, and the rest...I'd like to get rid of what I easily can
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No, Norelco is the name on his electric shaver...
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i was in your same position in high school. i had zits on my chin, around my mouth, and near my ears. plus i had facial hair to deal with. my solution was to grow a beard which had the benefit of covering up most of my acne. i didn't get a girlfriend until i shaved though. if your skin is dry try a product called curel. get the unscented kind. they sell it at most drugstores. i can't help you with the acne. i tried a lot of different products and diets, but nothing worked until i turned about 21, then it just went away by itself. i still get a zit once in a while when i'm stressed, or if i drink alcohol. i think dehydration can make the problem worse, so drink lots of water, avoid caffeine, and if you drink alcohol, know that you might end up with a new zit in the morning. drinking water will also help your dry skin. that norelco will cut your zits, so be careful, you might actually be better off with a wet blade, since you'll have better vision of where you're shaving. good luck.
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I remember a lot of guys at that age had to use electrics because of acne problems. The regular razors tended to be murder on pimples. If that's not a problem for you, I'd definitely go with something like a Mach 3. That's what I use. Shave in the shower if you can all help it, after you've been in the hot water for a few minutes. If your shower time is really limited, do it as soon as you can after you get out. You'll need a cream or gel if you do that, and my favorite inexpensive shaving gel is Neutrogena Razor Defense. I also agree with others above, that if you are growing some facial hair, it's not too early to shave. Start getting used to it now, while it's still thin. I used an electric for years, until I was probably 19 or 20. A regular razor was a little harder to learn at first, but pretty soon it became way better.
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Yeah, go electric if acne is a problem. About your skin: Go see a dermatologist. Those over-the-counter remedies might work for a while, but you're going to need something tougher to fight the bacteria infesting your skin. You'll probably get on antibiotics and topical medicine like I had.
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Yea, I'm going to a dermatologist Tomorrow, actually, which is quite ironic... (it's for an annual skin checkup, but I'll bring up the acne topic) OK so... use electric until my acne clears, then use wet blade in the shower. Now... when I'm in the shower do I still use gel or cream? Which would be better? Anyone ever used the Maleface line? Tnx for all the help..
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Well, gel or cream doesn't make any difference, because the gel eventually turns into cream once you lather it up on your face.
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If the dermatologist starts prescribing meds...most likely it's going to dry up your face. I don't care what equipment or method you use, razors will irritate and scratch the mess outta your face.  If you decide to use razors, I find the Sensor Excel to work just as good AND they aren't as pricey as the Mach3. I have a Remington Electric that works really well...and I too was against the whole electric thing. It does cuase 'some' irritation on the skin but not what you get from shaving. I don't have to worry about going over acne with it. It doesn't cut or mess with them as does a razor. Lately I've just been using trimmers. I let the mustache/beard grow out for a bit and then trim as to leave some facial hair, like a shadow. I don't have to worry about acme or shaving creams and the sort - it actually looks good. It all depends on how even/uneven it grows and the rate. In the shower it's all about preference. Some creams/lotions have a soothing/cooling after-shave type effect. Explore around...most likely the dermatologist will suggest something though. G'luck.
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I actually learned how to shave with a Sensor Excel. Problem was, the darn thing kept giving me razor burn, which when you're 16 and still prone to acne is not a good thing. After moving to the Mach 3, I haven't had any problems since then (but that could also be because I'm nominally out of puberty). If you're using a gel or cream, try to avoid stuff with anesthetics that promise to soothe the burn. They tend to tighten up your skin and make it harder to get a close, comfortable shave.
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