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Gordon Yao

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Does anyone here know what prices his suits start at? I've read that he does all of Ascot Changs suits is itstill true. Should I go to Ascot Chang or to Gordon?
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Gordon does all of Ascot Chiang' suits so far as I know - he travels with them once a year to the States in the autumn. In HK you would go to his shop at the Royal Garden Hotel in TST.

Depending upon Exchange Rates his suits begin at abut £550 but you would be better calling. His work is entirely hand made bespoke, fully canvassed and similar if not better than Chan. He does not indulge in the 'rag trade' end of the market - touts for which can be seen about the streets on it small shops with bolts of cloth about the walls but no knowledge on the floor.
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Thought I'd revive this thread rather than starting a new one.

Has anyone got a suit from Gordon recently? What price range are we looking at now? say for a VBC 120s suit?

I presume his workmanship is still comparable to Chan's.

Thanks a lot!
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I got one about a month ago when I was in HK. Workmanship is better than chan in my opinion. Prices start at $900. I picked a scabal fabric and it costs $1400.

I will try to get some pics up.
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Do you know if Yao's specialized in a specific cut or he can pretty much do what you tell him to? I'm looking for something like what Paul Smith offers (I presume that's English cut, pls pardon my ignorance cuz I've just started to learn about suits in this forum and this is going to be my first bespoke suit). Do you think Yao can do something like that? What's his "house cut"?
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I told him I prefer the italian look and he made it that way. It seems to me that he can do various styles and he will be on tour.
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He's going to tour? Do you know where?
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Folows the same tour schedule as Ascot chang

June 4-10 in NY at the Peninsula Hotel
June 12 in Philadelphia at Sheraton Philadelphia city Center
June 14-15 in Washington DC the Madison Hotel
June 17 in Dallas the Westin Galleria
June 19-20 in Chicago Fairmont Hotel
June 22-23 in Los angeles at the Peninsula Hotel
June 25-26 in San Francisco Fairmont Hotel
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Thanks. Do you know how I can go about contacting him to make an appt? I couldn't find any sort of website for him or anything.
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I contacted Ascot Chang and they said they will be making appointments. I contacted them at . Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.
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when he is in the US his cell # is 848-468-0697
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does he ( or Ascot Chang) do CMT?
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I have no idea if he does that.
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Thanks for the info, dragon8. SuitingStyle, I plan to ask Gordon Yao if he does CMT as that's the only reason I'm not using Chan.
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thanks, I think I will to visit him in early June when he comes to town .......
sounds like his price maybe in line with Chan's price.
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