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I order a watch online, i order a replica watch from singapore apparently is a very good replica of the original watches, it cost me 300 dollars, my problem is this. they sent the package on june 2 and then arrivie in the US in a place called ISC MIAMI FL (USPS)  on June 5 now it has been almost 10 days, and i didnt recieved any news of my product. i contact the seller and he send me a inovice number with some information about the company, he told me to bring this paper (inovice) to the custom to pick up my package. what you recomend me to do now? can i get in trouble going for it?
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have you received the watch yet? i do a lot of LED and electronic imports and find customs can keep an item as long as 6 months before releasing it if they think it came from a bio contaminated area (bird flu, dysentery, etc.) but it will get to you sooner or later at the moment i have 6k USD work of LED lights stuck in customs but like the rest of my orders over the past 5 years i know sooner or later the post man will bring them

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