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it's not a protest.. it's a dumb marketing stunt made to look like a political demonstration.

probably 90% of the people they were targeting were as puzzled as you.
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And apparently they ripped this guy off:
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Marketing is what I was thinking too. Or was afraid of.

Yep. I am stupid. smile.gif
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Originally Posted by Obscured View Post

Really nice article, shows the downside of collabs such at this and I thoughted about this. I think everyone should decide for their self, if it`s ok. Without a regarding on that article, I see myself, liking most of the stuff less and lesser, as more often I looking over it. So probally one of the blazers is the only item, I will buy.

So...English is clearly not your first language.

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*edited - did not read earlier posts.. *

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...have you read the last page?
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fail, lulz
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Do all stores have the collection?
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no, only in select store. you can check their website for a list.
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Maybe this was already covered, but, uhhh, what are the high-tops made of?

Some eBay auctions say (assume?) "leather" as the material, but others:
Description: Hi-top sneakers with laces, a padded tongue and heel, leather lining and rubber soles.
Material: 78% polyamide, 10% polyurethane, 12% polyester.

And a tFS user wrote:
I was going to buy myself the high tops tonight but have just seen that they are actually made from 100% plastic and not a piece of leather in sight. For £69.99 I would have thought they could have got them to be leather!
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Doubt it's leather, ebay sellers are just idiots or making assumptions.
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Got the black boots and camel overcoat...will comment on quality when they arrive. H&M store online was down all morning...and still is.
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finnish h&m was down for 5mins before the collection launched but has worked fine since then. kopped white sidezips
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I checked it out, only saw about half the pieces. It was a small take of the full collection they're putting out. Quality was better than expected, but not real Margiela. Every single peasant status pug-faced girl was in there going crazy on everything, and none of it was really that good. It was a little disturbing. I was actually wearing my usual full head to toe Margiela look and nobody even looked at me twice while I was in there kinda half-browsing this crap, not the H&M employees or the 'fans'....
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drew did you handle the sidezips? thoughts on quality?
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