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I did not see them, but it looks like they covered a lot of ground. Also, what's with the "do not smile at any cost" 'tude.
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What do you think of the boots from that collaboration. Is the qualitity better than normal H&M Foodwear and worth the money? I`m undecided if I should buy the, the painted side zipp boots. But for 200 €,  I want to avoid, buying poorly constructed stuff. Haven`t buyed something from older collabs, so how was the quality of the other collaboration stuff in general?

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I'm pretty sure they will be quality-wise better than normal h&m footwear. H&M x designer collaborations are ok and better than normal h&m lines, so if you like the look and can afford them, I'd say try your luck. I don't like this stuff and it's not my style, but those black side zips don't look bad in pictures. I still wear my Lanvin x H&M merino cardigans a lot.



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 I want to avoid, buying poorly constructed stuff

In this case you probably shouldn't buy Margiela at all. ;) I mean if appreciate quality, there's better choices.

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Ok thanks for answer. And yes djt00, of course your totally right, if you suggest buying Margiela at all. But as a student my budget for clothes is a bit on the smaller side, so I have to elude, most of the time too H&M, Zara etc... blush.gif

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ok im def copping the painted sidezips. any clue about sizing? im 44-44½ in almost everything, not able to go try them on instore
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Not to ruin the party, but I pretty much agree with everything in this article:
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For this audience, ‘clothes’ are not cool enough. ‘Fashion’ is what lures young people into stores, which is the raison d’être behind these designer collaborations. But make no mistake, what is called ‘the democratisation of fashion’ is really the bastardisation of fashion; that is, taking a designer’s ideas and watering them down for mass consumption.

Real style is a matter of taste. And taste is a matter of experience. Just like one’s tastes in music, art or books, taste in clothes forms over time. It takes effort and knowledge. Buying into a style, quickly and cheaply, inevitably leads to the disposability of style. It’s like reading the Cliff’s Notes instead of the book.
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Really nice article, shows the downside of collabs such at this and I thoughted about this. I think everyone should decide for their self, if it`s ok. Without a regarding on that article, I see myself, liking most of the stuff less and lesser, as more often I looking over it. So probally one of the blazers is the only item, I will buy.

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Editor-in-Chief of SZ? Sounds like Faust.
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Haven't read the article but just from that excerpt it sounds exactly like the shit Faust would spew off. Do we really need an article to understand this?
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Originally Posted by AndrewRyanWallace View Post

Haven't read the article but just from that excerpt it sounds exactly like the shit Faust would spew off. Do we really need an article to understand this?

You don't need to read the article. You already know exactly what it says about the collaboration.
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H&M opens here this weekend...while I'd like to look at this collection for fun I can't imagine getting in my car to go see it.
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I can't believe this hasn't come and gone yet, with the crap already on eBay and photos out for months I keep thinking it's over.

The high-tops are insulting, and frankly the rest of it sucks about the same degree.
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I might be a little stupid but what are these people protesting against?
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that article sucks. its basically "look, I know it's ridiculous to argue against this, BUT HERE GOES.. (horrible explanation)"
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The article doesn´t impress me either. Neither does the protest.
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