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Rogaine vs generic brands

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Need advice guys.....would a brand name like Rogaine be more effective than a store brand (specifically a generic Target version)? I compared the contents and they are exactly the same but the former costs more almost 50% more. A friend started with Rogaine and eventually switched to a Walgreens brand and he swears, they both work the same in halting his hair loss. Your thoughts would be so appreciated. Thanks.
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As far as I know, the ingredients are the same. But some generic brands have way worse applicators included with them.
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I’m with your friend, I’ve been using a generic hair loss product for 2 years now and I can tell the difference. You could never even tell I embarrassingly had a bald spot prior to using Walgreens. There are quite a few generic brands to choose from, and if you’re having trouble figuring out which one to use might be of service. Best of luck!

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