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Alden MTO Boot Group Order via Alden DC - Page 6

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Voting now, have 2 questions:



1) What's the difference between 360 and flat welt?


2) Why does it seem that so many are opposed to speed lacing?  Seems a lot easier to slip on/off.  Am I missing something?

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Most seem to prefer the aesthetics of an all eyelet boot.  I prefer the ease of speed hooks.  It's so much easier to put on and takeoff.  Your choice  .  .  .

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Well a 360 degree welt means it goes all the way around the shoe/boot like this:

This boot is also a flat welt.

A close heel welt looks like this and can also be flat:

There is also a reverse welt which has a piece of leather on the upper of the shoe that extends from the welt but there was not much interest in that welt from user input. If there is interest please PM me and I can take your say into account.


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It depends on whether or not it is a full 360 welt or a close heel welt. If it is a 360 welt then yes it goes all the way around. If close heel, then no, the welt will stop at the heel. I guess I should have added the reverse welt to the poll as well because without it there the "flat welt" choice is redundant. If you want a reverse welt please post or PM me and let me know. I'm really trying to help put together the best boot possible for everyone, there are just tons of options and variations that are hard to keep track of.

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Hate to be Debbie Downer, but I think we are getting a bit ahead of ourselves on the color 4. It is great if it is possible, but I think we really need two other options because color 4 really doesn't seem likely considering you need clear shells and they don't even have enough to produce for the demand of ravello and whiskey.
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I can wait for #4

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Originally Posted by PhiPsi32 View Post

I can wait for #4

I certainly don't mind waiting either. But remember, color 4 isn't something that you can tell Alden to use. Instead, it is something that they decide to allocate. If it was a choice, or simply based on demand don't you think Tom, Steven, etc would be doing it more often?

Do I want it and should we ask for it? Sure.

But should we have a back-up plan in case Kathy says no? Probably.
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If Kathy says no, I agree.  If it's a matter of waiting an extra 6-12 months, eh, I can wait.  Depends on how much of a deposit they want.  If I have to front $350 or $400 dollars to get on the list, I'm not keen on waiting three years for my boots.

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I am 100% on board with doing some kind of makeup here.

this is the most amazing boot I have ever seen from alden
its a shell indy in the style of the blackbird chemist boot (see my icon), just in cigar.
note that alden of sf has a cigar indy, but it truly does not look like this one with the fully rounded crown of stitching and on the barrie last... and crepe sole.
personally, the dimensions here are choice, and I would love to see this on the american market and to get a pair.
what do you guys think?

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If color4 not a option to choose ,

Then here is my suggest in using whiskey shell.

Captoe or Perf tip boots
Grant last
Double waterlock soles with rubber heel or comando
Storm welt

Alden DC have made a cigar cap toe boots before,
it's sound good and many bros interest
i think using in whiskey shell is also a good idea.

Also,in last MTO the whiskey indy are using Foot Balance rubber heel
it's rare using on cordovan shoe,but creat an excellent causal feeling
how do your guys think?
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I'm down for a #4 boot...for me all eyelets is a must. I like the idea of a captoe, between the Epaulet makeups and the WT boots from TSM, this would be something a bit unique. I personally like the barrie last, but would not be put off if it were on another. I do feel that the Plaza is a bit to elongated a look for most non-bal boots. Has anyone spoken to Kathy yet? I feel like we've had this conversation about #4 in the MTO thread and Mike said the leather was just to scarce. Maybe Kathy has a hook up?

After the vote, I kind of skimmed the rest of the posts, is there an alternate shell we can go with if #4 is out? Whiskey?
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I know this is totally against the grain, but is anyone interested in either a color 8 or whiskey shortwing on the Aberdeen last with blind eyelets, single leather sole, flat welt, close heel, etc? Basically similar to this shoe:
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Originally Posted by SLAB View Post

okay, ill kick off with a proposal to do the following makeup
- cigar shell boot
- antique edges
- perforated cap toe
- barrie or leydon last
- speedhooks
- commando soles or double leather
- 360 or closed heel (I havent figured out myself yet
in the end it would look rather similar to this one
10r95w7 by SLAB13, on Flickr

I would be in for this if it was cigar and the sole was an oiled double leather with a 360 degree welt.
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Originally Posted by Mr.K View Post

I would be in for this if it was cigar and the sole was an oiled double leather with a 360 degree welt.

I had a brief conversation with Kathy last week about doing a boot like that, however, she seemed hesitant because she already produces a cap toe boot in cigar on the grant last. She did say she would seriously consider doing a plain toe though if there were enough interested.

I do like the whiskey idea if the color 4 doesn't come to fruition.

Plain/cap toe
Grant/barrie last
Commando/double waterlock sole
Rubber heel
All eyelets
360 degree flat welt
Antique Edge

Any other thoughts on this? I think this would be quite unique, as I have never seen such a whiskey boot.
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