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It may be that your shoulders are broader than the jacket's shoulders but slope more than the jacket is constructed for. I have this problem with some narrow-shouldered brands, particularly Hugo Boss Red. Basically the shoulder bone that should be hitting the seam is actually a bit lower, so the shoulder material above it puckers.
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To my newbie eyes, it looks to have to do with shoulder posture?  The suit shoulder appears to have a very straight-upward shape while your shoulders slope to the front.  I have the same issue myself. 


As I look around the streets, I've notice many people with this same shoulder issue.  Are there any solutions to fixing this or is this just something most people have to live with?  It sucks that when I see someone in a suit, the shoulder bunching part is all I see now.

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It happens. Trying to get an absolutely perfect fit on the shoulders on an RTW suit is damn near impossible.
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If anything the suit is too small in the chest and under the arms creating that sort of dimple across the breast.

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The Bicep is pushing the sleeve out beyond the shoulder line, thus the dimple is created. IIRC Arm measurement is normally Chest+14" If your arm is bigger than that the chest will fit but your arms will over-fill the sleeve. Not much that can be done other than custom sleeves that are wider than standard or increasing the suit size at the cost of the chest fit.
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The divots!
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