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Retro cool or just out of style?

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Picked up this jacket at a thrift store. It is one of those striped sportscoats like the type that would have been worn at a college mixer back in 1958. I think it is kind of cool. My wife can't believe I'm serious. Thoughts?
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Looks fine to me. I would wear it with something a little more edgy though. Maybe charcoal pants and a tee shirt or darker shirt.
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Depends on what with it is worn.
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I don't mind it at all. I don't know if I would wear it but I think it looks fine.
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Looks kinda "Trad". Not a bad jacket IMO
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I like it a lot, but I'm also a huge fan of purple. What is the fabric like? It looks kind of furry and heavy.....almost like flannel?
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The jacket is fine, imo. And they look alright with the shirt and trousers in the picture. A nice pocket square is all you need!
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I like the jacket.

I don't like that shirt on you, though.
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the jacket has a rough, heavy look to it. choose a different shirt and pants accordingly.
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Cool, but that shirt isn't working.
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I think the jacket looks great...and to reiterate, the shirt and trouser need to be changed.
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I like it! I'd pair it with a tee shirt and jeans or cords. By the way, Banana Republic has a nice collection of long-sleeve tee shirts in a variety of colours. My wife bought me several of them for Christmas.
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Looks like a 3 button rolled to 2 sack jacket.

I dig it, very old school.

ditch that shirt, wear an oxford shirt with buttoned down collars instead.
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Looks fine!

Good thing about a thrift shop, is that if you make a mistake, it's an inexpensive mistake!

If you wear this coat 2 or 3 times you've got your money's worth.
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That's A Cool Jacket
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