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Navy blazer - bright navy or dark navy?

Poll Results: What shade navy for a traditional blue blazer?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 50% of voters (7)
    Bright Navy
  • 7% of voters (1)
    Dark Navy
  • 42% of voters (6)
    You should have one of each
14 Total Votes  
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I'm going to have a classic navy blazer commissioned. 2 or 3-roll-2, brass buttons. Probably side vents with modest waist suppression and soft shoulders. I want this to be an ultimate 'all around' blazer. The fabric will be a 12-oz worsted..I'm considering something from Minnis's QZ line.

What would be more appropriate for the color navy here? Minnis offers a 'bright navy' which is still very dark but a bit blue-er than the color they call 'navy', which is darker, almost black.

Here is bright navy 55448:

Here is navy 55449:

Not sure if they even look different here.

I have had navy blazers in a range of shades, typically the more flannel-y ones being brighter and the smoother-finish ones being a bit darker and shinier, but that may be more coincidence than anything else.

If they're both appropriate, then I guess it comes down to personal preference...

Slightly separate question - if I were instead to have a plain navy suit made, would the answer about brighter vs. darker navies by different?
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The colors look the same on my monitor; nonetheless, I'd go darker for a suit and lighter for a blazer. It's no more than my personal preference and not based on any other reasoning.
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I have a blazer that is closer to "bright navy" according to the colors you show and I love it. I chose it because I have a low-contrast complexion and hair color, so black and very dark navy look too stark on me (I did, however, order a midnight navy dinner jacket, but my preference in any other jackets or suits would be "bright navy"). Of course, YMMV.
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I was wondering the same a while back but decided on going with the "bright navy" (my fabric is even 'brighter'/bluer than the one shown on this crap monitor). It helps me dress the jacket down - I ended up removing my gold buttons and putting smoke mother of pearl.
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Personally I prefer the bright navy as well.

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