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Certain dri antiperspirant

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This is definately the best antiperspirant I have ever used. I've always had a problem (especially in the summer) with sweating under the arms and it's gone now. Certain Dri is used at night and it actually shuts down your sweat glands. You use it every night until you stop sweating, then only maybe a couple times per week to maintain. It's funny because after a hard workout, my whole t-shirt will be wet with sweat but my armpits are completely dry. You can find this stuff at most drug stores or on drugstore.com
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a great product; if you own fine shirts (like the high-end italian or english makes) it is a must, especially in the warmer summer months. increases the life of fine clothing.
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Where do you buy it?
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Oops- Now I see.... (DELETE)
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One word of caution: Don't use it during the day. I tried that once and got the most bizarre orange stains on my shirt. Most of it came out but the shirt was ruined so I just use it at night then use regular deodorant during the day.
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