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iTailor Experiences

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I am contemplating having a suit done up at Do any of you have any experience with the company and/or the product that you would share with me before I spill my coinage in an unsatisfying pursuit of "a deal?" Thank you.

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Hi Edward,


EDIT: iTailor has now decided to offer me another tie instead.


Did you go with iTailor?


I'm afraid to say that I've just had a very disagreeable experience with them. Here's what I just posted on another forum:



I used to use a tailor in London who seems to have disappeared, so I thought that I'd give itailor a crack. I need an entirely new wardrobe of shirts so I thought I'd try ordering one and a tie as a test.

Only the tie has arrived so far (that's no problem, I wasn't expecting the shirt yet) but I am so far MASSIVELY disappointed. The tie, on screen, was a lovely mid blue, which can be used with any of my dark suits. However, the one that I received was practically black. It is completely unuseable for me.

I contacted itailor with a photo showing the difference between the two (which I'd be happy to post up here if someone could tell me how) and they have responded with:

Thank you for your kind patience while we were investigating your case. As can be seen from the pictures sent by yourself, and in the screenshot of your order history below, we have tailored the Tie according to your submitted style online. As such, it is not a production error and we cannot remake or refund the item for you.

The tie has been monogramed, and I assume that that is what they are referring to when stating that they had tailored the tie to my submitted style. How this makes it my fault that their website shows a completely different article to the one that they deliver, I've no idea.

I have asked them to reconsider, and if they do, I shall post back on here, but for now, I would have to say stay well clear. Do not use itailor. When you buy ANY item of clothing online the biggest worry will be that it is nothing like it is in the picture. If itailor can't be honourable enough to hold their hands up when shipping an item that looks nothing like the item ordered, then they do not deserve your money.


Let me know if you went with them and whether your experience was any better!



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Thanks for the reply. I have decided against iTailor after your, and other, posts have panned them with specific deficiencies.

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