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Sub-$150 daily beater watch

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So I have this problem where I'm constantly denting, scratching or even losing watches, the last victim being a nice Hamilton Khaki hence outside of formal occasions I would rather wear something cheap and disposable for daily use and travelling. What would you recommend I look into? Strictly nothing over $150 new or used. I'm not as concerned about mechanics as I am about having something with a good, timeless style. One of my favorite looking, more affordable watches is the Stowa Airman but that's way out of my prince range.

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Gilt has some Akribos XXIV around that range. Some with automatic movements and others with quartz. sale ends tomorrow

Not sure how good they are though.
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Yup. Sea-Gull, too.
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how did you lose a watch?
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Thanks for the ideas. I had the Seiko 5 in mind but was hoping to see if there was anything else. The seagull watches look really good - not sure about the quality, I've never heard of the brand but will take a closer look. Can't find anything I like for less than $150 yet from them though
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Originally Posted by CalTex View Post

how did you lose a watch?

I have a stupid habit of taking them off frequently as they are generally uncomfortable on my wrist after a long day, especially while travelling which I do quite often throughout the year. I've lost an average of one every couple of years ever since I've started working and each of the watches have been at least $300-$500. I can stomach randomly losing something cheap and replaceable and chalk it up to incidental travel expenditure. They're honestly the only things I ever lose. It's too bad watches are such a hallmark of men's style because I hate the feeling of them on my wrist.
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Lots of men don't wear watches. Sounds like you should be one of them.
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Originally Posted by Christian B View Post

I would go for the other M186S.

This !!! i know i know more than you asked for but its such a nice watch !!!

Edit on ebay its $120 result !!
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Sounds like you need to get straps that actually fit your wrist or find case sizes that make sense for your arm/hand size.


The Seiko 5 suggestions are good. Also look into Timex and Citizen for some solid, reliable, inexpensive pieces. Tissot has some PRC models that work as dailywear under the $150 mark.

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Have you looked at Orient ? I got a Black Mako for around $130 for everyday wear and it's great. Really impressed for the price.
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Look into a Seiko 6309 vintage Submariner from the 1980s.  Movement is simple and the watch

runs like a true work horse.  It is mechanical and keeps adequate time and you should be able to find one for

near 150.00 either on ebay ( or Seiko Citizen Forum.




Seiko 6309-7040 #1.JPG 35k .JPG file
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My go to watch these days is an HMT Pilot.

Durable, flexible, a real workhorse and cheap. Pair it with a NATO strap for some flair.
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I stick by Timex. For $30, you can pick between a lot of different color Easy Readers and Weekenders. Buy them from Target.

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