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Which shoes next?

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Hey Everyone, just starting to build on my shoe wordrobe, and I'm not sure what to get next. I'm looking for dress shoes for a casual business envirnment (tan slacks, dress shirt with sleeves rolled up, an occasional tie if I want to stand out, never a suit).. But want to dress up this look with nice shoes.

So far I have really nice burgundy swb (alden), black cap toes (AE), and casual black loafers (mephisto).

What would you get next?
I would like to stay away from black and from loafers since I don't wear black often and I have loafers. What would be another good universal shoe to add to the rotation? Im asking for style and shade, I'm going to probably stick to Alden, but if you have a specific shoe in mind, I'll check it out.

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mid or dark brown single monks
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Thanks for the recommendation Macallan. What are your thoughts on brown cap toes, or brown punched cap toes?

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I'd go more casual than cap toes. You might want to consider some suede. Some options from the armoury (I greatly prefer Carmina to Alden):


derbies would also go well with the items you are describing:


these are also outstanding:

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Eh just realized KW is all out of those shoes...still, you get the idea.
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What is swb?
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Thanks Umberlagazzo, I'm not really into the look of monk straps or split toe's. But the cap toe brogue's look nice, I just don't know if they are too close to my short wing brogue's I have.
You don't think brown cap toe oxfords dressed down a bit would work?
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Swb means short wing bluchers.
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