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Epic Shirtmakers

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Does anybody have any experience with this online MTM shirting company?

I came across a deal for their shirt but wanted to see if it was worth the time. Thanks in advance.
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Tried to check out the site, and it said

'Sorry, you are not allowed to browse this area.'

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Not sure what to say. Just checked and the link worked. I find the site through a deal on ruelala.

The fabrics look decent, but I'd be interested to hear if they look good in person. Would also be interested to hear about the construction, but there are almost no reviews out there.
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"Sorry, you are not allowed to browse this area at this time"

That's the message I get.
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Since you are in Philly, why not get a real custom shirt? Ray's in Bala Cynwyd starts at $145/shirt. His shirts are quite nice, and the service is top notch .

For more money, you could use Barton and Donaldson in venter city.
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I am a customer of EPIC, I ordered my first shirt earlier this month, my shirt arrived before stated arrival, and I really like the shirt.  It fits well and I like the material.  BUT this weekend I like others have reported have gotten "you are not authorized to view this area" error message.  This is a mystery and frustrating as I was going to order more shirts.  SO can anyone else recommend other online shirtmakers?  Thanks in advance

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I can't review the quality of the shirt... yet.


However, I will comment on two things:

1) delivery time

- The company's website promises to deliver the shirts within 3-4 weeks. I had ordered mine almost seven weeks ago, and I haven't yet received them.

- The company sent an email indicating that my shirts are "being stitched" about two weeks after I had submitted my order. That was five weeks ago. 

2) customer service

- I emailed the company to inquire. A representative replied to report that my shirts are delayed due to high volume of customer orders. She suggested that my order will be two weeks late and offered a coupon (nominal value) for future order, which I thought was insignificant.

- I wrote back to express my disappointment with their gesture and delayed service, That was two weeks ago, and the company failed to respond to my email.


In conclusion, it's been seven weeks. No shirts.

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Not worth the effort.  Almost 3 months after the initial order I'm still waiting for a shirt that fits correctly.  Next try will be the third attempt on their part.  First attempt the collar was about 1/2 to 3/4 to small.  The replacement was at least 3 inches too big, no exaggeration. Not like it should be difficult - I've been a 15.5/33 for about 30 years.

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No…they are terrible.  Don't waste your money.


It tools them 3 months to get me 1 shirt and it was the wrong shirt.  Their customer service is so poor that I have no expectation they will properly replace my shirt.

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I purchased two vouchers that gave $70 value for $40, so thought they were worth a try.  I decided on their questionnaire rather than measuring a favorite shirt.  I ordered two shirts on 1/6/2014 and received them over six weeks later, no email notification that they were shipped.  Although I was charged for separate shipping, both shirts arrived in one package.  With the voucher, I still paid over $100 for each shirt.  As they are made in Thailand, that's fairly pricey, I opted for middle of the road fabric, Hong Kong customs are much less costly for the same quality.  When I received the order, in a shipping bag, not a box, the fabric quality was excellent.  The fit is ok, a little big in the shoulders and tight in the waist, so consider measuring a favorite shirt rather than answering the questions.  The monogram was of poor quality, the thread attaching the letters visible, letters thin rather than bold, Land's End and LL Bean do better ones.


The biggest problem was that I received two shirts of the same color.  I emailed regarding the shipping and color issue and was told they were sorry, but it was my mistake on the order form.  I accept this is possible, but when they send the order details email, the color was not noted, so I had to reason to think I had possibly made this error.  They did offer a $25 voucher on a future purchase which covered the shipping cost, but no exchange was offered, even after I sent a second email saying I was not happy.  Considering that these shirts are almost $150 each without the promotion, the fit and lack of customer service will preclude me from purchasing from them again.  "Caveat Emptor"

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