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Armpit hair - anyone??

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What do you guys think about armpit shaving?? I always thought that the only places one should keep hairless are ears and nostrils...then some girl told me that armpits are a must. I don't particularly care about her opinion, but what do you guys think??
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Unless you're a competition swimmer, cross-dresser, or you feel otherwise personally compelled, don't shave your pits. It's definitely NOT a standard male grooming procedure. In fact, I'd wager that more guys shave their chests and backs (and, if we include bicycle racers, their legs) than their pits. I'd say this gal either mistook you for one of her own gender, or she was pulling your, um, armpit hair.
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Thank you...
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Good one, one of my good friends from highs chool went to the Q-course Army Ranger boot camp. When he came back his were shaved, I know because we were playing BB. He said he did it for hygine, i guess if your gonna hang out in the Panama Jungle for 8 weeks at a time it's ok but other than that it's probally not that nessasary. Parsonsdb
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I know some women really do prefer a guy with no armpit hair, but they are extremely rare.  I shave mine just because I like it that way.  A few other guys also do it, but not nearly so many as shave their chests and various other parts. If you want to do it, it's easy once you get used to it.  But if not, don't worry about it.  The few women who like it better that way probably aren't worth the few you'll freak out by doing it.  
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What about shaving um the anal region??
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What about shaving um the anal region?
Who, exactly, is going to see this? And do you really relish the thought of sitting down when the stubble starts to grow in? Go for it if a loved one specifically requests that you do it (because, hey, their pleasure is worth it); otherwise, spare your razor blade the indignity.
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I've heard some horror stories with anal hair being shaved. You can trim it but don't shave it.
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Awesome bump.

I trim the bulk and take a separate razor to the fringe areas where there isn't much density, but enough hair to create a look starting to err on the side of out of control.

Clean-shaven would feel (and probably look) too weird.
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clean shaven is slightly unfeasible because it must be shaved consistently or your stubble will irritate the other side of your armpit. trimming is more reasonable.
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I've been nairing mine since I was 17.
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I do it, you sweat less. Less insulation, and the deodorant makes better contact. I'm not religious about it, but keeping the stuff shaved or short does seem to help a lot. Also helps the stink, since the sweat and bacteria build up on the hair, even with consistent washing.
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I shave my pits, as well as my ass and cock'nballs. We're not living in the '70s anymore. Guys can manscape without being considered effeminate. I'm comfortable enough with my heterosexuality and masculinity that I am just fine with hairless pits. Hell of a lot cleaner, and chicks don't seem to think any less of me as a result. Now that I have tried shaving, and have enjoyed its benefits, I see no point in returning to intentionally less hygienic pits just to satisfy some notion of masculinity.
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