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Synth that post was pure contentedness. Good stuff.
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I feel like I'm still in the middle of a hardcore style transition so it's very hard to be content, but this thread is a great read.
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Yo I love my wardrobe, Im mad content

My wife said my knits are in the will shog[1].gifshog[1].gif
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after this sale season i pretty much have the feeling that i don't need more stuff for the next months
i'm using this thread to compile an overview, because i don't want to have too much

these only items, which i wear mostly outside and not during sports

2x shorts (dries, givenchy)
13x T-Shirts(AnnD, Raf, Raf, KVA, Paul Smith, CDG shirt, CDG play, Marc Jacobs, Neil Barrett, NB x Sundek, Jil, Jil, Fujiwara )
3x Outerwear (Balenciaga, Cos, Cos)
4x Trousers (Raf, Raf, Cos, Cos)
1x Hoody (Lanvin)
1x Knitwear (Fujiwara)
1x Desert Boots (DH)
2x low-top sneakers (Filippa K, GATs)
4x Mid/High-top sneakers (Balenciaga, Raf, Raf, KVA)
8x Shirts (Dries, Schneider,Hugo, 5x Raf)
1x Backpack (KVA x Eastpak)
2x Belts (Raf, random yoox brand)
1x winter hat (cp company)
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if i had to hypothetically move into a tiny apartment with almost no space, this would be my barebones wardrobe:

-toj moto
-toj duffle

-white button-down shirts
-tees (white and grey)

-trousers (1 navy, 1 charcoal)
-jeans (1 raw, 1 black)

-all-white gats
-raf derbies
-w+h dayton boots (for really crappy weather)

-navy suit

-as many knits as there is room for

could probably get away with being content with just this, if i had to.
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This thread could easily be merged with the "Minimalist Thread" floating around here somewhere...

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just so this doesn't become an offshoot of the 5k Wardrobe thread...

i'm actually at a good place with my wardrobe right now, don't really feel a burning desire to buy stuff - except for knits. never seems like there's enough, always someone out there releasing a really nice one every now and then (i'm looking at you, schneider). how does one become content with his knitwear collection?
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Live in hot places.

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I got by for the vast majority of my life without a single knit.  You can, too!


Speaking of contentedness, the hunt for a t-shirt that fits right is fucking up my contentedness zen.  Halp!  Nothing fits the way I want :(

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Also, even when you do find a brand that fits well, slight variations in production batches mean the fit might be off in future orders. So I end up being content with specific t-shirts rather than t-shirt brands. It sucks.
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  • 30x30px-ZC-257fafdd_number-nine-feature-honeyee-ss08-4.jpeg


    "or they're perfect at first, then shrink or stretch..."

... or just get holes. Seriously tees are the worst things to be content with. It's like being really close to a goldfish, knowing it will perish within a year or less
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I've preached this in multiple threads but Acne tees are my favorite. Although I'll look into Geller Seconds U Necks after Synth's pic and review.
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Originally Posted by tgaith77 View Post

This thread could easily be merged with the "Minimalist Thread" floating around here somewhere...

That's not really the intention of this thread.

I own a lot of clothes and i don't care to decrease that amount.

I just want my clothing mental state to be based on what I have, not what I don't have; we spend so much time lusting after items we don't have, but how often do we pick up something in our own wardrobe and just really appreciate it?
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I should look into those Acne tees

I really want to like Everlane at the moment because the fabric kicks ass but the fit so imperfect.
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so i guess this has turned into 'stuff i really love.'


first off is my ll bean katahdin boots. i bought these with a gift certificate my grandmother gave me like 4 years ago, and i fucking love them. i wear my shoes really, really hard, and wear these 3-4x a week in the winter, and they've held up great. probably will need to go in for a resole soon, but since getting these i've never even really considered getting another workbootish type boot.

some pictures:


next is probably my j crew down jacket. i bought this a couple years ago for like 70% off, and it's the perfect knock around winter jacket. it's torn to shit and has a bunch of paint stains on the back and sides, but i love it for when it's 2 am and i need to walk the dog.

stock pic:


i also have a fleece sweatshirt from j crew that i fucking love. its dark grey, a thick fleece, about 4 years old. it's been worn and washed dozens of times and has held up great. i wear it constantly in the winter and it's the perfect weight for layering. it's also made in canada by CYC - has all the deets of W+H and spruce stuff i've had - and i got it for like $25.

finally, i have a boo oxford from one of the first seasons - retail was like $160 i think - that has been torn, tailored, worn, stained and washed. at this point it fits all kinds of strange and needs to be resewn, and has a bunch of paint stains from a shitty under 21 club some girl dragged me to, and even though i've replaced it with other shirts, i'll never get rid of it.
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