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Originally Posted by KingJulien View Post

Does anyone else find that the stuff you bought but don't wear all that much was worth it in a way, because otherwise you never would have found that perfect piece?  

Definitely yes. Part of why I buy so many things is because I know that only a small number of them will become favorites. But I need time to experiment with each piece in order to discover these gems. First impressions after trying on a new piece is not always reliable.
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I keep thinking I could get by with only my Attachment indigo jeans, wjk white tees, and W+H service boots. Most everything else I own seems to only serve the purpose of fashion masturbation.
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Great thread. It took a while for me to finally reply because I wasn't sure how to convey how I felt, but I think zissou nailed it for the most part(aside for the clothes not fitting part :P). I made some changes in other areas of my life as of late, and I'm starting to really not care about my clothes as much(not necessarily how I look though). I've been assessing my priorities as of late and realize I can really do without most of what I've bought for the past year. I think the only things I'll be investing in clothing wise is technical apparel that I can use while traveling and playing outdoors(another good thread too Henrdix).
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Originally Posted by mike868y View Post

there is no better feeling than putting on a piece you haven't worn in a few months/weeks and remember just how much you enjoy wearing it.

Yeah this is the best thing about seasons.

I'm already quite bored with what i'm wearing every day right now, but it helps to know that in spring I can go back to my ervell pieces and some linen etc.

right now it's pretty much ma.strum jacket, knit (I have 4 decent ones that I rotate), cords or jeans or tweed pants, and longwings or boots.

Pretty much variations of the same thing everyday. It's so tempting to buy stuff that messes with the silhouette a bit, but i think that would be opening pandora's box.

i can still see a couple of holes in my wardrobe, but i'm now taking the attitude that I have the next 5 years to fill these with really exceptional items (probably bespoke).

Just because there's a hole doesn't mean it urgently needs to be filled.
Originally Posted by KingJulien View Post

Does anyone else find that the stuff you bought but don't wear all that much was worth it in a way, because otherwise you never would have found that perfect piece?

Yeah, I do think that's true. It's part of the learning process I guess.

also, like BB1 was saying, some things take a while to really find a place in your wardrobe. Initially I was unsure about my simon spurr blazer, but now it's probably in the top 5 things in my wardrobe.
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When I first started to become more conscious about my clothing and wardrobe I thought there is always some sort of goal or place you are constantly trying to reach and once you reach there I thought you would be less likely to purchase clothing and somehow become happy with everything. You would constantly try and upgrade from where you are now to higher pieces (it was the rule of two, one beater and one nicer item like some star wars shit; let the apprentice overtake the older master)

I've learned that there isn't always this high and mighty place at the top of the mountain. After years of mistakes: buying things on sale, buying things I thought I wanted but ended up later to be discouraged that I never really wanted to wear them and purchasing "staples" I thought would be beneficial down the road. It's made me realize how much money i'd save if I just thought about how important location, hobbies, and occupation play a part in wardrobe. Oh well it's always a learning experience.

Everything else has probably been already said, but really do appreciate the thread and it's made me think more about how I can use other pieces in my closet that are probably just sitting there collecting dust.
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The last 10 pieces of clothing/accessories I purchased haven't been worn/used once.. shog[1].gif
Does this happen to anyone else?
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Well if they're all from Lands End, it makes sense.
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Originally Posted by KingJulien View Post

Does anyone else find that the stuff you bought but don't wear all that much was worth it in a way, because otherwise you never would have found that perfect piece?  

Definitely. I almost always wear SW&D style, even to work, and have few occasions that I actually need to wear a *nice* blazer. I have two blazers I wear casually (cloak and geller) but two very nice, structured wool blazers from N Hoolywood that I rarely wear. But when I get the chance to break them out and wear it a bit more formally, I feel awesome and love. However thats a rare occasion but it is still nice to have them around. I wouldn't wear the casual unstructured blazers that often with street wear.
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It drives me a little crazy that I even have things that I rarely/never wear. I own one fairly nice suit, which is a necessity of course, but I wore it once about five years ago. I'm starting to feel like I need to get rid of a couple of things, such as my Nanamica duffle, because I hardly wore it. Granted, I did get it during end of season sales, so maybe I need to just be a little more patient.
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Help me.

I'm lusting after wide legged pants...

I would wear them all day every day...

I have bought too many things this year.

Need to figure out a way of maintaining my love for my clothes without wanting to buy anything new.

Maybe i'll try tie-dyeing some t-shirts or something.
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^I have found that going for a run helps me forget/care less about clothing.
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Originally Posted by zissou View Post

^I have found that going for a run helps me forget/care less about clothing.

something I haven't done in a while.

Yes. Back into exercise. Maybe i'll play rugby again.

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Feel that, it's summer for me and I've been going for hikes, runs and doing a little gym work. I'm content wearing a pair of slim jeans, t shirts and the same pair of boots everyday, mixing in some linen shirting and light knit every so often.
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Lusting after clothes is like lusting after chicks. Just go to your favorite fashion/style website and jerk off to the item you desire. You´ll want nothing to do with it anymore after you´re done. teacha.gif (6)

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Excellent thread.

Other than the jeans I've already done to death, I have a few things that make me super happy.

I love my TOJ baseball jacket. I bought it used after waffling on it for about a month (seriously, I have no idea how it lived for a month on B+S), and it is so fantastic it's unreal. It's not even the sort of thing I would normally like, let alone love - it's super america'd out, and that's not really my deal - but it looks and feels so damn good it's impossible not to adore it. It's quirky, a little eccentric, noticeable, supple, luxurious, well-built, and is pretty warm too. I can fit a middle-thickness sweater under it, like my ervell lambswool cadet sweater, and it keeps me toasty and swagged-out. I didn't actually know people used the word "swag" in real life until the grocery girl told me I had A "swagged out" jacket.


My double-rider's jacket was on this same level until it was sold due to not-fittingness.

I have a Cloak cadet/officer jacket that I bought used from AR_Six for a song, and it's probably my most-worn piece of outerwear. Cloak was pretty much the only reason I ever got interested in "fashion," and though it was absolutely before my time (and the jacket is about 6 years old), this piece is well-cut, well-made, well-detailed, relevant, and quite frankly, bad-ass. I wear it with everything I own, it has been all over the world with me, and I will never, ever get rid of it. Hopefully , my children will get to fight over it.


I love white sneakers. At one point, I had three or four pairs of white high-tops - Common Projects, Kris Van Assche, Rick Owens, and stuff I can't remember that I've since gone on to sell . I've gotten rid of all of them, and kept only the first pair I ever purchased, way way back in 2010: Balenciaga, S/S 2009, found them on yoox, never looked back. Jet can take credit for enabling these bad boys. They're part satin, part patent leather, and every time I want to wear high tops I put them on and they make me so damn happy. They're incredibly comfortable. I haven't been wearing them as much over the last few year or so (I mostly wear boots) but they'll sit in my closet forever. They're not even slightly understated, but they're also far from the loudest pair of shoes I'll ever own. In fact, I'll probably wear them tomorrow.


These boots were the happiest of accidents. I was trading PM's with Shah in 2010, and said that I was probably going to buy a pair of ivory Dior chukkas, just so I had something to wear with a pair of Petar Petrov pants I had just purchased. He sent me a link to an ebay auction for these, instead, and they have been on my feet ever since. They've been resoled once, made it all the way to china, have been worn in all weathers and in many bars, and though they are not nearly as pristine as they were when I lifted them, hands trembling, out of their plain white box, they are broken in and comfortable and mine, mine, mine.


My favorite t-shirt USED to be a sky blue Alternative Apparel V-neck. Sadly, over the years, it got stretched out after I tried to beat the shrink out of it, it got stained, grungy, tight in the wrong places, ripped and re-sewed, and it generally received more love than a 6$ t-shirt has any sane right to. I really really really had to replace it, and searched for years (as in, multiple years) to find a blue t-shirt I liked. I never found an exact match for the sky blue of the original shirt, but I did find this Robert Geller Seconds U-neck, and it has become my new favorite t-shirt. It's slouchy, louche, comfy, light, airy, and a lovely shade of blue that *cough* looks great with my skin and eyes *cough*. The back panel is slightly sheer, so it's a little...grabby, in terms of eyeballs, and it hangs off my shoulders in a way I wish all my tee shirts did. I loved it so much I bought another one in mint green. Most of the time, I wear plain white Hanes shirts, but if I could find more of these in my size, I would buy up a gigantic stock.


Although there's more in my closet that I love, I'll just throw this one in here for now, especially since it's pretty different. It's a Bonfire "Sitka" jacket, and it's my ski coat. It's cozy down (550 fill), 20/20 rated (which means it doesn't soak through - at least in my part of the country), tall, beefy, and warm as fuck. I also got it on massive sale, which is, you know, cool and all. It has almost all the technical shit I wanted, and most importantly, I can ski in only a t-shirt and be warm no matter what. It is. fucking. rad. I don't wear it on the street much, unless it's absolutely brutal out, but I wear it every day up in the mountains and every day on the slopes and it is like living inside a toasty blue-and-white oven. Plus, the dog loves it because it feels like a doggy bed.


Those are the first things that pop into my head. Other things to write about include: my mother's vintage hermes neckerchief that was "handed down" to me, which I now constantly use as a pocketsquare, my striped DvN blazer, my white levi's 511 jeans, the incredibly soft double-faced shirt my girlfriend bought me from the gap, and flowers.
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