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Those are great! I would have totally bought a pair in black!

Thanks for the awesome post. This is definitely the best thread on SF.
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What a great post! And I'm flattered, honored, and ecstatic that some random pictures I took of myself got you started (seriously). May your sneakers live a long and happy life.
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A president who actually earned his bomber jacket.
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The flexibility of the bomber is one of the reasons I wear it so frequently. I can do, and do all the time, the SF uniform--white T and everything--but it actually gets the most compliments when I wear it in business environments on top of a button-down with gray or navy wool pants. I've thrown a tie on with that look too for that George HW Bush steez:


He was a dive bomber in WWII. Oh yeah, he (and Reagan) also ended the cold war without exploding the world. But let's give the Nobel Peace Prize to Carter, Gore, and Obama instead!
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Living up to the username
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