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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post



Can't love this enough.



I think it's interesting to look at stuff that I posted in here and see if I'm still "content." I ended up getting rid of the baseball jacket from my first post, and I only wear my CP boots sometimes. The white Balenciaga sneakers aren't worn anymore - I realized at some point in 2013 that I had been buying shoes that were too small for most of my life. 


Who else?


I don't really know if contentedness exists. Or maybe it's fleeting. 

Aw, thanks, Synthese.  Odd, the places looking at an old pair of boots will take you.  


I know the contentedness I get from lacing up those Red Wings, for instance, only lasts a second or two and then I stop thinking about it, if I think about it at all.  But if I add up all those seconds since 1990, I really got my $100 worth.  


You make me think of all the sport coats I loved in my foolish youth, until I realized I'd been buying them too big and looked like Kirk Douglas swimming around in a giant boxy coat (that's on a good day; on a bad day I looked like David Byrne behind the wheel of a large automobile).  The BB gun check hacking jacket was particularly hard to let go of; I felt like Cary Grant in it, until it dawned that a desire to look like Cary Grant shouldn't extend to wearing his jacket size.

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Originally Posted by thefoxtooth View Post

I posted this pic as an aside in another thread, but this thread seems to be the home it was searching for.  I bought the above Red Wings in 1990.  They've had periods of more and less use, but they've come with me everywhere and I still wear them.  Like, frequently.  Yes, look again.  You read right.  1990.

But although they're a marvel of utility and durability, I think the contentment they bring is something hard to explain to people who are not also posting loving pictures of worn-out shoes.  (Or amazingly not-worn-out, as the case may be.)  The things we wear, the things we carry: they become, not part of us, but a sort of imprint of who we are, like a handprint in wet concrete.  A little like the handprint I left in a bridge near Hampton Court Palace, alongside those of a long-ago girlfriend, when I was wearing these boots, which were new at the time.  I haven't seen the girl in years, and I have no idea whether the prints are still there, out on the other side of the world.  But the boots are still right where they ought to be, all these years later, keeping my feet dry.

My small daughter is my heart's darling, and really her blanket is just a rag, but by its keeping her warm and content some of my love for her prints itself onto the stupid thing, and I can't ever look at it again without a small ache of joy.  I hope one day she'll feel the same way about these boots, and when I've finally succeeded in rendering them completely unwearable—provided such a thing is possible—I will put them safely aside somewhere, and store away, possibly, one more lovely small ache.

Kids do latch on to little things that make them feel safe... Guess same goes as we age.


That cloak jacket is great.
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Normally I would put this in the Geller thread, but you can only have so much bomber love in there at one time.  



San Francisco.  The city of the light jacket.  Light jacket year round.  Here is my story.  So, about a year ago, we caught wind that Bobby Geller was reissuing his favorite jacket--the cadet jackets from like 5 years ago.  The green one.  The one with the straps.  We were stoked.


14SS, he releasing the tencel bomber.  It's a exact replica of the cadet jacket, but in a different material.  Material is really nice.  Strong, but soft, and drapes perfectly.  I stalked maas & stacks to try it on.  It's perfect.  Liked it so much, bought the black one from Japan.  I think the next time I visited M&S, they mentioned that they get up to 6 emails a day asking about the olive jacket--all sold out though.  It's the only thing where I get PMs asking to buy it from me.  It's not for sale.  It cost a lot.  I paid retail.  Plus tax.  


Then, I saw the mustard one (it's not yellow, it's "mustard") for sale and I couldn't resist.  The collection is complete.  It's awesome.  With 3 jackets, you have an excuse to wear them into the ground.  Wear them to everything.  Lounging.  Errands.  To dinner.  Going out.  Whereever.  


I feel content.  But this is not the end.  It never is, is it?


RG wearing the jacket. and runway. (Click to show)
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^ I have the FW10 satin bomber that I absolutely love. The lining even though a pedestrian 100% cotton feels ethereal. The knit cuffs have ripped at the crease and ive vomited on it only about 3 times but I still find myself reaching for it daily. Such an awesome, wearable(alot of designers hardly consider this factor unfortunately) piece.
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