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Worn Wear – a Film About the Stories We Wear
Presented by Patagonia
Directed by the Keith, Lauren, Chris, and Dan Malloy

Worn Wear is an exploration of quality – in the things we own and the lives we live. This short film takes you to an off-the-grid surf camp in Baja, Mexico; a family’s maple syrup harvest in Contoocook, New Hampshire; an organic farm in Ojai, California; and into the lives of a champion skier, a National Geographic photographer, and a legendary alpinist. It also features exclusive interviews with Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard.

Released as an antidote to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping frenzy, Worn Wear is an invitation to celebrate the stuff you already own.
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I bought 2 pairs of the same trousers from COS 2011/12
they are made from a heavy cotton fabric, with 5% "metallized fibers"
i have worn 1 pair of them about 300-350 times, 2 weeks ago the lining of a front pocket where i always put my keys in developed a hole. and today they had a crotch blowout, i'm gonna retire them and start wearing the second pair.
this was pretty much the first times i wore till it disintegrated.
3-4 years ago i tried raw denim, but i never found jeans comfortable enough to wear them often.
these cos pants however were totally comfortable, and good for all season, so i wore them 4-5 days a week.
of course i have others pants too, but somehow i always ended up grabbing them
anyway, i am contented because i have another pair of them.
do you ever buy more than one item of the same style?


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Originally Posted by Zeemon View Post

do you ever buy more than one item of the same style?

I like my TOJ 2010 DR so much I just bought another one except in calf instead of lamb.
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I'll give this a go. I won't be writing about a particular piece I am content with, but about an aesthetic. Apologies in advance for the long read.

Recently a lot of people have commented that I look very comfortable in my current aesthetic and I'm very appreciative and couldn't agree more with these sentiments. I can easily say that as of now, I feel more comfortable in my clothes and more content with my wardrobe than I have ever been in my life. I have owned many interesting things in the past, but never in a particularly unified or cohesive way. What follows is a sort of rambling retrospective of what led me to this point.

As I might have mentioned elsewhere, I grew up in Taiwan, which essentially lies at the boundary between East and Southeast Asia. Temperatures essentially fell between 15 and 35 degrees celsius year-round, meaning t-shirt and shorts weather for the better part of the year. In an increasingly style-conscious society with an increasingly wealthy middle class, this translated, in terms of fashion, to an explosion of a sort of streetwear with a heavy emphasis on graphic tees, as layering up was very often out of the question. (Additionally, for some reason or another, Taiwan has had an ongoing love affair for American hip-hop culture for the longest time... black people are essentially viewed as magical space unicorns here or something.) Due to Taiwan's proximity and connections with Japan, Japanese streetwear brands enjoyed a much greater degree of brand awareness here, but again, due to the inescapable heat, the buys many stores had for these brands were limited to racks and racks of graphic tees. At no point did I consider brands like Comme des Garcons, Undercover, and Number (N)ine "fashion brands" -- in my head, they were conflated with brands like Bape, Supreme, and Undercover as simply streetwear companies that made a lot of dope t-shirts.

I remember one day, when I was browsing in one of many t-shirt stores, I noticed a particular ring for sale that instantly caught my eye:

(For those curious, this is a from a capsule collection done in collaboration with Magical Design in 2005)

Imagine my surprise when I saw that it was produced by number (n)ine. To be honest, I didn't (and still don't) particularly care for the brand's t-shirts: they were simply blank white tees with rather uninspired slogans and assertions printed on them in ugly typefaces. "HIP HOP SUCKS," or "NO MORE GEORGE BUSH" or something similar. Why would a random t-shirt company produce such an intricately designed ring? So I asked the owner, who was pleasantly surprised that I had noticed the ring on display. He brought out several Japanese magazines for me to flip through, and showed me a bit about number (n)ine. And I was captivated by what I saw, but as a kid barely in high school, never started to consider the possibility of actually achieving this sort of style. Back to the racks of t-shirts. But thinking back, I would say that that was the critical moment that fomented my current interests in fashion.

Over the next few years, various triggers would pull my style in different directions. I started reading Hypebeast when the primary focus was still on Japanese streetwear. With my first decently-paid lab assistant position in college, I could finally start acquiring some of the many things I had drooled over in the past. (My first large purchase, the result of almost two months' savings, were a pair of Visvims, which are still going strong almost half a decade later, and could be a subject of its own contentedness post). When I started interviewing for internships, I discovered the Menswear section of Styleforum, and through that, SW&D and Superfuture. Subjected to this massive overload of information in such a short period of time, my personal sense of style bounced around like a ping-pong ball off of all these different aesthetics I was exposed to. (I would post pictures, but a few weeks ago, in an attempt to clean up my Styleforum user gallery, I deleted a lot of my pictures... I didn't know this would also delete them from the posts they were made in frown.gif ) Thinking back, some of my stuff was good. Some was great, even. Some was terrible, also, but most was decidedly mediocre. Most importantly, I had the niggling feeling that my clothes were wearing me, that it was all just some game I was playing with strange men on the internet that was putting an ever-increasing strain on my finances. It seemed directionless.

However, all this came to change when I rediscovered Takahiro Miyashita's work. This is the point where I feel the clichés will start coming hard and heavy, mixed in with my interpretations of brands that people might disagree with, but whatever. To me, his work represents one of the most unified, cohesive visions in fashion I had ever seen, something which is more apparent in the Soloist but also present in number (n)ine. The music (grunge rock for number (n)ine, folk rock for the Soloist). The personality. The romanticism of the raggedness of the clothes that still possessed hints of past faded glory (primarily SS09, FW09). The oppressive, suffocating themes of isolation and angst of number (n)ine, coupled with the quiet hopefulness and ultimately optimistic view of the soloist (with slogans and musical references like "Keep on Walking" or "I Shall Be Released" finding their way into the clothes in some shape or form) . I absorbed everything I could about the man and his work, and it seemed with every interview, editorial, and show, the brand(s) seemed to click even more with me.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Almost exactly a year ago, I got this cardigan in the mail from SS08 - 'Birds,' the collection referencing Neil Young who just happens to be one of my favorite musicians. While at the time I wasn't entirely sure if it was right for me (it's so long, the pleated back is so feminine, etc. etc.), these insecurities were soon dismissed when I actually started wearing it after just staring at it for about a week, when it instantly became probably my favorite article of clothing. This was one of the many eureka moments I described above, and essentially was the starting point that set the directionality of my aesthetic from this point forwards.

Someone made an offhand remark to me yesterday that 'I had basically been posting the same fit for a year,' in a seemingly derogatory manner. This actually really tickled my brain in how unintentionally accurate it was, because I would say that this one simple cardigan essentially informed how I made my purchases and put together outfits for the next year. Interestingly enough, it has been almost exactly one year since I received it from SuToCorp on December 16th, 2012. (The picture above is actually from February; previous pictures have been lost in the mists of time.) To me, this is confirmation for myself that the connection I felt with the brand(s) and aesthetic presented by Miyashita back then was right, and that the contentedness I feel right now won't be of the transitory sort that afflicts so many of us.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

In a sort of commemoration, today I wore the same cardigan, the same shirt, the same pants, and the same boots as the first WAYWT I posted with the cardigan almost a year ago (the jacket, an allsaints bomber, is unfortunately in the wash right now, but still worn very frequently). Other than developing a preference for slightly more structured garments than the almost robelike cardigan, I'm still as happy with everything I'm wearing as I was a year ago. When considering aesthetics rather than individual pieces, this sort of contentment is once that I am very happy with, and one that I hope everyone else here can achieve.

Thanks for reading~
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Post of the month, Vitatim. Are we still doing those nominations? Because this should win it.
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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

Post of the month, Vitatim. Are we still doing those nominations? Because this should win it.

Oh damn, thanks man. That means a lot coming from you... you have a way with words that I envy. smile.gif
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edit: double sorry
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Following up on VitaTimH, here's my exposition on why I wear all Lad Musician now, and how my style has changed as well.

Wrote this a bit ago on tumblr, but wanted to share it here. (Also pretty damn long):



Why I enjoy Lad Musician, what I enjoy as a whole, and why I wear it:

As-of roughly 2 years ago, I started getting interested in clothing above typical fast-fashion retailers. I was introduced to my local Mitsuwa and the bookstore that was a part of the marketplace. It was there that I bought my very first issues of MEN’S NONNO & POPEYE. (October 2011 issues) From those purchases I gained an interest in Japanese clothing and street-style snaps; as well as designers and brands I have never heard previously. (Before I bought these magazines I lurked SuFu occasionally, bought American magazines, etc)

I continued to buy these magazines monthly (up until now) and started to attempt some of the looks that were presented in these magazines with what I had. I enjoyed it for a time but I wasn’t really fully satisfied, mainly because the pieces that were in these magazines looked more interesting, were better constructed, and fit so specifically. So at that point I was lurking SuFu and being on tumblr a lot more than usual looking at what other people were posting in terms of outfits, individual clothing pieces, blogs, etc. I took this in and tried to find what really interests me to wear on myself considering my body type.

I’m sure most people here on tumblr know that I went through a “Patrik Ervell” phase. Although he wasn’t necessarily a Japanese designer, I found a bit of tailoring and quality that was similar. This and the classic look really cradled me into his pieces. However, I found that even though I enjoyed those things; it was a sad fact that I never really fully fit into the clothing. I’m very thin and not overly lanky, so the clothing would be a tad too big or long. After the purge of my closet I decided I wanted to go full-in on another brand I’ve had my eye on ever since beginning my collection of magazines; which is Lad Musician.



When I wore all Ervell. (Which I still really like this fit) (Click to show)


Before/during my first Lad purchase, I would try out other different Japanese brands such as Nonnative, Uniqlo (Japan Sizing), CDG Shirt, Undercoverism, SHIPS/BEAMS Japan, etc… And it was through this did I find that the clothing fit me better due to the difference in sizing as opposed to American designers/brands. My goal this time however is that: once I bought Lad Musician, I would never resell it. Mainly because once I purchased the pieces, I would continually wear them to a point where they’re unbuyable, and I don’t have to worry about having to sell them. This made me more wary of my purchases, and as a result made me think through my purchases more wisely.

So, you the reader have read this far, for which I thank you. Why do I enjoy/almost strictly wear Lad Musician now? Mainly because I can really resonate with Yuichi Kuroda’s design works, clothing cut, and philosophy. I have an interest in how he takes this very rock/punk aesthetic and breaks it down to a very simple and minimal form. The artists he showcases in each season are also some of my favorites which is what draws me in closer. The fit and quality of the clothing themselves are also well thought out and executed. It’s made to be comfortable, slim and seamless, and to be worn in all conditions. (Whether it be walking around, on stage, etc) Being a musician myself and playing drums for 9 years now, putting on a t-shirt and trousers and playing really gives me a perspective on why he closed in on making clothing based around music and musicians. 

This goes without saying however, that I don’t just enjoy Lad Musician. There are other designers out there that are interesting to me and that I want to add to my wardrobe to fit in with what I have now. Generally, I’m a fan of all types of stylings. Whether it be from Undercoverism to United Arrows to Rick Owens to sacai. On myself however, I like to stay clean, minimal, and simple with little details. It’s in this way that I want to continue to grow and expand my knowledge to get into what I truly like.



(Recent Fit, wearing all Lad Musician).

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Just a small note of appreciation for good old Vans. I realized that I've probably had a pair or two at any given time since I was about five. Something about the design lets them traverse a spectrum of ages and styles. I'm wearing a beat up pair of slip-ons today and enjoying the comfort of continuity.

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Ditto that although I've pretty much always kept it to a blue or white authentics. Now my little kid wears em too. Yesterday I wore a pair of black steel toe red wings which after 22 years are beat beyond hell but will probably out live me.
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I bought a navy gap cardigan a couple of years ago from a secondhand store. It had a zipper and buttons and a shawl collar with two patch pockets in the front. It was my favorite sweater and I used to lounge around in it and it was my go to for everything from going out to brunch or to a casual drink with friends or having people over for drinks.

I brought it in to work a few months ago to leave at my desk for after hours wearing and for wearing over scrubs if I was waiting between cases. A coworker borrowed it once without asking when she was cold and lost it somewhere in the hospital. I'd love another but just feel like I'm going to be disappointed. I think it'll come to me in time.

I'm still pissed at her for it.


The thing I own currently that I'm supremely happy with though is a madras shirt I had tailored when I was in India in 2011. I'll post a picture shortly!

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i'd like to resurrect this thread with odes to two items that never show up in my fit pics, but which i wear almost every day.

the first is this canvas shoulder bag. i picked it up almost ten years ago because it reminded me of buddhist monk bags i'd seen in southeast asia, and because it has a larger capacity than most messenger bags (it has an inner liner that can pull out and close with a drawstring, effectively doubling the size of the bag). i've carried it nearly every day since then.

the bag started out deep black, but has faded to a range of brownish-greyish-reddish hues. i like to think about how its colors reflect what it's been through. it's absorbed the dust, dirt, sand, rain, and exhaust fumes of the different countries i've traveled in. it's been unceremoniously stuffed into a crash pad for hundreds of bouldering trips, where it absorbed who-knows-how-much climbing chalk. nearly every time after i'd returned from the mountains or woods, i'd be fishing around in the bag to find a pen or something and instead come up with a handful of twigs, leaves, or pebbles.

over the past couple of years, i've had to make a number of repairs to keep the bag from literally falling apart. some of these i was able to do with a sewing machine, but others had to be done by hand, using sashiko stitching to hold multiple layers of patches together.

the second unsung hero is this viridi-anne belt. i'd looked for a good belt for probably three years before i found this one. all the others i'd seen or tried were boring or flimsy or stiff or had garish buckles that bulged out. when i found this one, i knew the search was over.

first, the leather is incredibly thick but pliant. it just feels substantial. second, it has a slim hand-forged buckle that is low-profile enough not to bulge out under your shirt or draw attention to itself when worn with a shirt tucked in. third, and best of all, it has developed an incredible color that has only gotten better, deeper, and more complex with several years of wear:

thanks for reading!
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Bump for my favourite pair of boots.


Polo roughout suede I got in a trade with a friend a couple years back. Wearing them in all kinds of weather up here and the suede just keeps looking better and better the more beat it gets.



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


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Bought a black, non-wool Valstarino off of Yoox – a little disappointed in it compared to the one I got from NMWA


I wore it with some fatigues and a white OCBD and, though it's incredibly basic, was really pleased that it worked out so well.

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