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Something about grey, the right grey sweater or sweatshirt just feels like a home.
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I've been feeling very contented lately about my green suede chukkas.

I got these on a whim, as they were some ridiculous sale percentage off, like 90% off or something, taking them from $600 to $90 as I recall. It was probably 2011 or so when I picked them up from a Rider Boot Co. sale. They're prototypes, so as far as I know they're the only ones like them in existence. They're 1/2 rabbit shearling lined--the lining is there for the back half of the foot.

They've got crepe soles to maximize comfort. They've become a go-to stand-in shoe option. Here's another close-up.

But I didn't always feel that contented about them. For a while it was kind of "well, sometimes I can..." and "what am I doing with these? Maybe It'll make sense when I get them kind of beat up." They seemed garish, like any time I was trying to wear a lot of other colors. I mean, outdoors, they're pretty green. Excuse my 8 a.m. sun-in-the-eyes face in this old WAYWT pic here

But they found their niche in my wardrobe as they got worn in, and now I wear them with a lot of my simplest outfits. Here's a very similar one from last year

They could even be MC casual with a pretty boring blue ocbd+chino fit. So thanks, Ron Rider, for these weird boots. They've really served me well.
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My style has changed a lot (click here for a hilariously bad outfit) but I feel like as I've grown, this bag has grown with me. The feathers have been torn off, the wallet rope's clasp loosened to the point of it being unusable, the leather has worn in, and frankly ... it looks much cooler this way. I haven't felt the desire for one of those featureless shoulder bags made out of admittedly lush leather yet. The heavy hardware and snake leather still resonate with me. Even though I'm wearing mostly black and no prints anymore, it resonates with my glam roots.
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Aw I kinda liked the feather.

What do you keep in there?

When I read that comment you made about your fit I thought "Dang you didn't dress that bad back then" but when I actually saw the image the only thing that popped in my head was "holy shit"
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Originally Posted by g transistor View Post

What do you keep in there?



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Originally Posted by g transistor View Post

What do you keep in there?

Laptop, papers, cosmetics, food, materia. The usual.
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I spend three quarters of my life in a pair of black cut-off H&M jeans that look like shit and always smell bad and have a hole in the crotch and are just gross and lush and sweaty like wearing a hangover. And I put them on each morning thinking yeah OK I'm fine this is good enough life is just fine. And I'm drinking one of those pre-made caesars to which I added like 8 dashes of tabasco and a stupid amount of horseradish and later on I'm gonna make a bunch of fried chicken and I'm content.
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fried chicken and contentment go hand in hand (caesars too).
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Long overdue, and forgive me if my attempt to revive this thread fails – it is nothing baller or rare or super cool.
They’re the pants in this fit, don't have an individual picture:

One of my favorite articles of clothing in my entire fashion career (lol) is a pair of dress/dressy pants from the last collection of +J in Fall of 2011. They marked my first pants purchase in two years that was not raw denim and helped me realize that I HATE RAW DENIM BUT SF SAID IT WAS COOL . Despite fitting fairly slim throughout the legs, (and a tad bit too tight for these ridiculous calves), they felt like freedom. Anyway, being a broke HS kid at the time, I couldn't afford it at full retail of 50 dollars but managed to pick 2 pairs up when they hit sale for 30 each – both in gray, the only ones left. Unfortunately I sold one of them to my friend.

I always thought that pants had to be 100% wool (as per SF/MC groupthink) until I wore these – they were *gasp* 30% poly. This actually turned out to be a good thing because the poly content in the pants actually helped it maintain some nice stacks –damn fine stacks at that – as well as the general shape of it because oh, here’s another secret, I usually don’t watch them for weeks on end.

edit - said image of stacks

I’ve alternated between the two of them for almost two years now and have worn them with boots, sneakers, and my non-baller dress shoes (CP officer boots, margielas, Rachel comeys converses etcetc). I even slept in them whenever I crashed at a friend’s place or couldn't find my way home. I think I spent more time with them that with my girlfriend…

The seams on these have actually ripped tons of times ( especially at the calve area) and I’ve hand sewed it back hoping that I could continue wearing them. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever… this spring, I decided to play sports in them ( handball – the ny version, if you care) and I ripped them forever after a dive to save the ball. I couldn’t believe it at first but when I looked down to see my pale pasty inner thighs and blue polka dot boxers exposed, I knew that the time has come. The rip this time is beyond repair. I’ve since retired these to the back of my closet, where I leave my homo <3 for the next SF group meet. foo.gif

Currently an internship but when I get back, I am going to retrace the pattern of them and make my own pair. thanks for reading
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Originally Posted by Working Stiff View Post

I spend three quarters of my life in a pair of black cut-off H&M jeans that look like shit and always smell bad and have a hole in the crotch and are just gross and lush and sweaty like wearing a hangover.


This might be the best description of a pair of jeans I have ever heard!

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xpost from Loake thread... this pair has truly grown to contentedness level biggrin.gif

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Cloak Aviator Pants
Cloak was the brand that first captured my interest in fashion. A few years ago, I was lucky enough to find these pair of pants in my size, in pristine condition. They were a grail of mine back then and have remained one of my favorite pieces of clothing.

Throughout these years they've been with me on numerous trips and have held up quite well. The most noteworthy was my last trip to Europe when I brought them along. It spent days in the rain with me as I wandered the streets of Paris and hiked up the mountains in Amalfi. It was also during that time that I had just purchased my Krane messenger bag. The waxed canvas on the messenger bag mixed with the rain for days. Unbeknownst to me, the wax had slowly transferred itself from the bag onto the pants.

The result is that its given the pants a very unique sheen. I couldn't say if its made it cooler, but I do feel more attached to it, being able to call upon those memories every time I pull them out.

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this is the best thread on sf.
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Although this isnt super hogh end or out of the ordinary, I've been comfortable in my low top chucks for years, got paint on them and I still wear em. Cant wait to get a new pair on my first paycheck.

Hope I dont make any impulse purchases though.
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x post from the DIY thread where it all started! but im content so this belongs here as well laugh.gif
Originally Posted by snowmanxl View Post

So a few months back i decided to make myself a pair of pants with the help of my dads tailor. i brought him some measurements and a crappy pattern and we made them into something wearable. then the exciting part happened! I had got the opportunity to intern with peir wu smile.gif
fast forward a couple months and ppl were still asking me to create the pants for them. So i decided to ask peir and it has been a long process but we finally launched them two weeks ago!

its such an amazing feeling to develop an idea into an actual product. i could not be happier with the result!

i received my sample pair and have been living in them for the past two weeks drool.gif
cannot wait to get umit benan creepers and wear with peir wu ss14 mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!


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