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I'll give this thread a shot.


I've only been particularly interested in clothing and personal style for the past 3-4 years. This, coupled with the fact that I'm just leaving adolescence, means I haven't had much time to acquire clothing with years of wear, sentimentality and stories attached to them. There are a few pieces I own, however, that I've used and abused the shit out of and I would be hard pressed to find any material objects I treasure more.


1) Club Monaco herringbone wool SC. There is absolutely nothing special about this coat. It's not aggressively (or even particularly well) cut or styled. It isn't made in some exotic locale from exotic materials. It's just a plain old wool sportcoat. But it's my first ever sportcoat and to me it marks the time I first seriously started trying to define my style and challenge myself to dress differently than my peers.


I bought it for my previous birthday, and in the year I've owned it I must have worn it at least a third of the year, at some point during the course of a day. I've had the adventures of my young life in this thing -- crazy birthday adventures, met famous celebrities, puked my guts out (on multiple occasions lol), picked up chicks, made best friends, pledged a fraternity, gone bombing down a highway at absurd/stupid speeds, gotten dragged out of bars by the lapels (on more times than I'd care to admit), weathered the superstorm of my generation in a very post-apocalyptic Manhattan and attended the marriage of the oldest in a group of family friends I grew up with; which felt like the definitive end of my childhood.


It still has bits of Monty's, my beloved yellow Lab (RIP), fur in the weave here and there and it means a ton to me. At the end of the day, it's just a simple Chinese made, vent-less, unstructured grey SC in form but it has a great deal of sentimental value to me and I'm sure I'll get much enjoyment and use out of it for years to come. Money well spent. It even has surgeon cuffs, a first for my wardrobe haha. I still wear this SC at least 1-2 times a week and I highly doubt that's going to change anytime in the near future. It's a staple and anchor of my wardrobe, and I'm completely happy with that.




Ran into a favorite artist of mine, Common, at Mamouns (of all the possible places in NYC, I've run into an inordinate amount of famous people at this $2 felafel shop) on my birthday last year and got a picture. This was the day I got the jacket, must be a good luck charm haha. (collar poppage due to excessively cold wind and lack of scarf)


2) Tag Heuer Aquaracer Diver's Automatic.


I've always loved fine horology. For an unknown birthday of mine, my father passed down a Hamilton Automatic to me and I loved that thing to bits. Wore it every day for a long while. Unfortunately, it was evidently a lemon or just poorly made because the crown managed to break off when I was setting the date one day.I was pretty upset at the time. My dad, being the awesome dad he is, gave me his old Aquaracer. That in and of itself makes it very special to me.


This was by far the most expensive thing I'd ever owned at that point in my life and it had to have been one of the most awesome presents I've ever received. I've worn it almost daily for the past 4 or 5 years and in that time it's born witness to momentous changes in my life and has acquired more than its fair share of knocks, bumps, scuffs and tough, rough love.


I wore this thing the day I took and passed my driving test (one of my passions in life is cars so that's a huge milestone for me), it was on my wrist the day I got my first car (and that was an awesome day I'll never forget), I paced myself during 3 SATs with this baby, received admission into university, graduated highschool wearing it, traveled to my dream locale - Rome (massive Roman history buff right hurr) - with my best friends and had the time of my life while wearing this. In fact it probably still has some dirt from the Forum in some particularly hard to clean parts of the clasp.


I wore it on stage for two high school plays I acted in. I drank my first beer and later got drunk of my face (which resulted in more than a few knocks and bumps to the poor bezel) for the first time in my life. It's been on my wrist as I've minted memories in numerous travels and adventures; I walked on a glacier and had a particularly terrify close encounter with a grizzly wearing the Aqua. I went through my first relationship and breakup, and this beauty faithfully ticked away for the entirety of it.


I've owned and worn more beautiful and more expensive watches, but the Aquaracer will always be my first love. It's so simple, masculine and timeless (ha). It keeps time pretty well, and I've yet to service it, it just keeps going. If this was the last watch I could ever wear, I'd be absolutely content - I doubt there's any out there that could ever have more meaning and memories imbibed in it. It's practically become a part of me, I've come to expect the impression of the divers helmet on my wrist when I take it off at night and it feels seriously weird without its familiar heft on my left wrist. It's one of those little things in everyday life that just makes you smile as you set the time and date and just take a moment to listen to the perpetual tick of all the impossibly minuscule and complex cogs and gears as they whir and spin into eternity. 


Need to dig up a picture, but it's just a bog standard stainless Aquaracer with a black face and bezel.

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Thanks to Synthese for getting this thread back on track. Good looking boots, all.
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Synth and Nicelynice prove this to be one of the best threads on SW&D

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I was content with my wardrobe...and then I see Syntheses' (Geller CPs, Cloak jacket, et al)

This thread is beginning to have the opposite effect, lol
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Yes, that's the great irony (one of the great ironies) of this thread -- it tends to function as a wish-list for the rest of us.

I've tried to crop my lust by viewing contentedness in terms of categories: pants contentedness, sneaker contentedness, outerwear contentedness. It makes things easier and brings focus while allowing for future purchases.

I think I've just hit sneaker contentedness at the exact moment I lost my digital camera. musicboohoo[1].gif
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Interesting - I'm not sure I really have that response. Maybe because the things people post are so unambiguously "theirs" - I don't really have a desire to go out and replicate everything. There are exceptions, of course, but it's more like "Ahhh, NicelyNice's leather boots are so beautifully broken-in. I should do that to a pair of boots!"

Anyway, here are some random close-ups, because why not?

Some sueded nipple action

A denim update...

And some boots tucked into a corner

I spent the last four days with two pairs of jeans, a pair of sneakers, a pair of boots, two tees, two shirts, and a jacket. Plenty of room in my ultra-dorky little rolly.
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Sidebar: you've very nice handwriting.
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I always wish I could post in this thread because the stories are so great! But, I haven't got many clothes that I really like that aren't fairly new... I'm so new to this clothes game. But I am really enjoying the slow acquisition of a wardrobe that I think truly suits me, instead of just generic whatever that I feel just okay about wearing biggrin.gif Someday soon-ish I will have a wardrobe I feel good about just living in, and not filling up holes!
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I need to make a real post in here with pictures and stuff, but I've been feeling very content the past few weeks. I don't think contentedness is the feeling of not wanting more clothes, because that will never happen but more the feeling of being very happy with everything you do own. The past few weeks I've struggled to get dressed in the morning just because I want to wear all my clothes. I can never choose a jacket because I love them all. When you're building a wardrobe you always go through phases of "oh man, this would look so cool if I had x to pair it with." While there are still things I want, I no longer have that feeling, which feels good. Anyway, sometime when I have some free time, I'll take pictures of my favorite pieces and post them here.
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the little death

nice pics synth, been meaning to do something similar
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whats this about "little deaths?" thought the thread was about contentedness with clothing lol
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its poetry speak for GIMP

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Originally Posted by fireflygrave View Post

whats this about "little deaths?" thought the thread was about contentedness with clothing lol

uhhh fear is the little death that brings total obliteration
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Google/wikipedia had its mind in the gutter, not me i swear


La petite mortFrench for "the little death", is an idiom and euphemism for orgasm.

More widely, it can refer to the spiritual release that comes with orgasm or to a short period of melancholy or transcendence as a result of the expenditure of the "life force", the feeling which is caused by the release of oxytocin in the brain after the occurrence of orgasm. Literary critic Roland Barthes spoke of la petite mort as the chief objective of reading literature. He metaphorically used the concept to describe the feeling one should get when experiencing any great literature.

The term "la petite mort" or "the small death" does not always apply to sexual experiences. It can also be used when some undesired thing has happened to a person and has affected them so much that "a part of them dies inside". A literary example of this is found in Thomas Hardy's Tess of the D'Urbervilles when he uses the phrase to describe how Tess feels after she comes across a particularly gruesome omen and meeting with her own rapist:

"She felt the petite mort at this unexpectedly gruesome information, and left the solitary man behind her."

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I was hoping it was the french version. frown.gif

Did I see some Dune snippets up in there?
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