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The Toj "Uncontrol Rider" started out as a joke made by the designer of clothing brand Toj, Drew Keith.
For the amount of views Uncontrol has contributed to my threads, I feel like I would allow him to get snakeskin on a 2011 DR as a one-off if he really did cop. I’d need to see cash money first but I have snakeskin.

I spent like 5 hrs thinking about the Uncontrol option while I was in and out of the house, and I know what your grail leather looks like dude; I’m half ready just to make your grail leather for about $1000, though I don’t know what snake costs, I could be fucking myself there. I was thinking fox or water beaver for the fur, snake small trim around all the pockets, maybe some [leather lacing], it’d be the Uncontrol option.

When he refers to my "grail leather", he means this Schorl model I was lusting after:


However, it was out of season and impossible to find. I had posted a lot in the official Toj thread, obnoxiously about hypothetical buys, but in the end both Drew and I knew that his typical offerings were perhaps too conservative for me. Back then, anyway – now is another story. In the end, the joke became serious, and we started discussing the options for the jacket.

We started with this photoshop mock-up made by me:


It's fairly remarkable how similar the end result is to this mock-up ...

The basis of this jacket was the already-existing "Minimalist Double Rider". The alterations I made were:

And ... well, the ball just sort of started rolling. In the end, Drew purchased a complete anaconda hide for the project. Because of the excess material, he was able to really add it everywhere.


And antique Japanese conchos:


My style has changed a lot since I first received it ...


... but it's incredible enough to stand on its own, no matter how much I change.


It's hard to talk about this jacket without mentioning the incredible level of quality. While my jacket was significantly more expensive due to the custom details, Drew's leather jackets float around $800, which is incredible when you compare it to mid and high-end designer alternatives. When the iPhone 4 came out, people talked about the high density "retina display" ruining their eyes for other, lesser displays. The lamb leather Drew uses is the retina display of leathers.


He once remarked that he found a Tom Ford leather jacket that was roughly $10,000 using the same leather. It's soft in the way a nice blanket is soft, giving in to the touch, but it also carries with it the characteristic roughness of an animal's hide. The grain of the flesh is still visible. As the jacket is worn, it stretches and folds, and it becomes better with each day.


It's possible that I'll never know how Drew truly feels about this piece. It certainly goes against the vision of his brand, which is all about fairly classic items being re-interpreted with a contemporary sense and high quality materials. He's remarked before about custom jobs that he was not entirely pleased with. However, he also told me that he and his team spent a bit of time admiring this piece before mailing it off to me. Regardless of stylistic preferences, the Uncontrol Rider is an incredible achievement based solely on its materials alone. Plus, it comes with a story worth telling.

I hope Drew knows just how fondly I feel about the whole endeavour, and I hope he's happy with it too, despite me being a fairly annoying prick through the process – a feeling many Toj customers probably feel in hindsight. He's an incredible man who built a brand out of nothing but a passion for making cool things. Surely, the future is promising for him.

As for me, I hope to carry this jacket with me for a long time.
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Front page that shit

oops, gotta go nominate
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Outstanding jacket!
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Stunning jacket, lovely story. It's easy to see why you love it so much.
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I'm not normally on board w/ a lot of Uncontrol/BradT's style choices, but that jacket is amazing.
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After starting to be more interested in Ervell, picking up the pieces I have here on StyleForum have confirmed why I enjoy what he designs and creates.
My closet has taken such a bare look, since my style has changed so drastically (albeit more minimal!),

but finally with pieces that are of quality and great fit for me.

The recent Ervell Knit Baseball Jacket that I purchased will be getting so much mileage this A/W season, and the knits as well. 

Although my interests in style are more-so rooted in the Japanese overall aesthetic, I still enjoy it yet don't really immerse myself as much as I used to.

I enjoy to keep things simple and personal and I believe that's what I'll continue to do.

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Brad-T, are you from Montreal?
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Yes. Did you see me? redface.gif
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Crazy stuff.
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I can't believe SZers called that 'faux croc'
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Originally Posted by thatoneguy View Post

I can't believe SZers called that 'faux croc'

I found those comments funny, especially since this was fairly well regarded:



But Drew was right that I shouldn't have posted it there in the first place. It's irrelevant anyway. Many people have been able to appreciate how great this piece is. And of course, I get to wear it every day. That's good enough!
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I didn't really understand drew's aversion to that. Not only is it your jacket, but it's pretty glam-goth, and iirc your fit was pretty glam-goth also. That's like half of what that forum is. I remember being fairly surprised it didn't get some love over there. Maybe if you had worn ccp horse cock skin 3-legged trousers and boots dipped in boots.
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Yeah, I had posted it there because I thought it might be appreciated a bit. That's the last time I will post any outfit there haha
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that's because SZ fucking sucks
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Originally Posted by brad-t View Post

Yes. Did you see me? redface.gif

I did haha. Small world.
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