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I've been more into timepieces for a while now, so much so that I don't really buy clothes anymore (except for the occasional white tee to replace the funky ones) and instead save up for whatever watch catches my attention. So far i have 5 timepieces in total, msrp ranging from 60 bucks (casio g shock) to approximately 2.5K (sinn 756). My favorite watch of the bunch, however, is my Stowa Antea KS. Aside from kinda shitty water resistance, it is IMO the perfect watch. The lines of the case and lugs, the beautifully printed Bauhaus-styled silver dial, the heat-tempered blued hands, and the beautifully decorated top grade hand winding movement all for under 700 USD (before the recent price hike).

The dial is silver, and changes color depending on the light. IMO, it looks best under daylight. That's when the dial really shines. Also, the seconds subdial really gives the watch a nice visual twist, something that IMO is lacking in the automatic version (although the day date version is stunning in person). The printing on the dial is perfect, much better than any of my Sinn watches, and i love the way the numbers flip depending on their position on the dial.

The heat tempered hands are a beauty. depending on the light and the angle, they're either a stark blue or black. much nicer than chemically blued or painted hands.

The peuseux 7001 is a workhorse of a movement, and this one is top grade and heavily decorated. It's a pleasure waking up in the morning, giving the watch a few winds, and then going on about your day.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Schauer in New York earlier this month and got to try on other stowa time pieces and some pieces from his eponymous collection, and they really are some of the nicest I have ever seen. overall, german watches seem to have more interesting designs than their swiss counterparts.

The following pictures aren't mine, but they're some of the nicest i have ever seen for the Antea KS.

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RRL Officer Chinos.. having see some nice photos in the Blake Contest thread and the interesting shots NAMOR and StanleyVanButten have put up, I was inspired to pick up a pair and take it through a story of it's own.
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Combo there looks great^^ Props.
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This may be ironic as it has not arrived yet, but I am hoping for this to be my ultimate contentment for leathers.



Also speaking of content, here's a video of a pair of travelling jeans some of you may have seen before.. but if i had something that went through all of this, i would never throw it away until the day it disentigrates :
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2 items of clothing I'll miss over the upcoming spring and summer:

These fingerless mittens that my sister knitted:

#08 shell cordovan long wings with a big bumper bar bentivegna welt and chunky double sole:
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

I love that the welt picks up all the abuse and leaves the upper unscathed.
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Hmm, I entered feeling content but will leave with a newly-protracted must-have list.

Damn you, interenets!

*shakes fist*
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^^I think having a list is better than having none at all because it helps in the planning of purchases and helps us mull over them, ultimately leading to better kops. For example i frequently change the order and items in my kopping list and so far have been happy with the purchases i have mad. Contentedness is not about not buying, it's about buying in moderation. There's definitely an endless amount of cool stuff out there, yet we have limited resources, so what we should do is aim to allocate those resources efficiently.
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Hendrix those gloves are great. let me know if she ever wants to make another pair redface.gif
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Originally Posted by WhoKnewI View Post

... My favorite watch of the bunch, however, is my Stowa Antea KS.

You should look into nomos glashütte. Very high quality and a similar aesthetic.
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Great thread.
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I'm very content with my watches. (not my pictures)

Uniform Wares 250

Stowa MO

Stowa Seatime

Cartier Santos from the 70s



Originally Posted by MS007 View Post

You should look into nomos glashütte. Very high quality and a similar aesthetic.
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I realized this weekend while buffing them that my Alden #8 chukkas are totally in this category.

I bought 'em at Leffot in New York in May of 2011. At first, I was not that happy with them. The leather's got some weird color spots (that of course only I could notice) and I needed to size down b/c of my narrow feet. I was, as many shell wearers are at first, totally afraid to get them wet, and the minute I walked out of Leffot with them on, it began to rain. They didn't feel that good for a while, and the creasing is asymmetrical. I was afraid, thinking they were gonna last forever but never be that comfortable. I just kept wearing them because they were and I guess still are my most attractive shoes, despite whatever else was going on.

Now, a year and a half later, I wear them all the time for work; they are always beautiful even as they slowly change; they get constant compliments; have recovered from all sorts of scratches, scuffs, and rain; and they feel, specifically in the toes, like a different shoe than the one I bought. I buff one shoe and go "this one is developing so much nicer than the other shoe" and then pick up the other shoe and say "no, this one's best." This happens every time I buff them. I want to wear them with any outfit, which is the sure sign you love a piece. I can't imagine having a different shoe fill this one's role my wardrobe, while a year ago, I was thinking I'd made the wrong choice.

I'd post pics, but they basically just look like anything in the Alden thread, probably not even as good as most in there. I'm not some Alden nut, but I love these.
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I'm starting to feel that way about my cigar shell LWBs, and am looking forward to wearing my #8 capote boots a lot this fall. Shell looks so good as it ages.
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I did the same thing with a pair of LL Bean bluchers. I think I paid about $30 from a SF member and they had been worn only a few times. I have beat the daylights out of these and they are going strong. (The ones in the photo are not mine.) They get more wear than any other shoe. I've toyed with the idea of getting them in suede from Yuketen or Rancourt but....once you've been satisfied at $30 it is tough to step up to $300. Funny how that works...

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren View Post

I got these Bass suede bucks on ebay in June 2010 for $3.99 plus $8.99 shipping. For $13, I have gotten an absolutely ridiculous amount of wear out of these. Over two years later, they are pretty worn but still going strong. They never had any tread on the soles to begin with, so they slip like crazy in any amount of wetness. They are strictly a summer shoe, but in LA, that's most of the year. Over the past two years, I have worn these with jeans, chinos, and even suits (albeit casually). One time, early on, I tried to wear them sockless and they cut up my feet really badly, so I never did that again. But they have broken in so well that they are now among my most comfortable shoes. They're in that perfect range where they are just a little more "dressed up" than sneakers without being too serious -- or serious at all, really.

I don't know if I will replace them with another pair. They are probably too round, too clunky, and too low-quality to follow me past into my "styleforum intermediate" phase. But if and when they fail, they will leave a gap in my wardrobe that will necessitate some kind of replacement. Until that day, I'm pretty content with these. I've certainly gotten my money's worth.

In Portland, July 2010, and downtown LA, June 2012
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On a similar note, there was an Ann D interview where she explained how she sometimes designs garments with aging in mind, so that the pockets (for example) will fall in a certain way as the years go by.  I think that's genius, even if it may have been more ad copy than anything.  I'm curious whether anyone owns anything like that.

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