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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
I wanted to post this story here that I read about on MC. I think it's in the spirit of the thread.
fritzl, as you may know, is a member of the MC community who has particularly strong knowledge and opinions on shoemaking. For 2 decades he has been enjoying bespoke handmade shoes made in the tradition of the Austro-Hungarian school of shoemaking.
Here is a pair of his well-worn, well-loved shoes:
There are many more in the Austro-hungarian thread linked above.
In 1994 he was introduced to Mr Gyula Kiss, and so began an enduring client-craftsman relationship.
My understanding is that a few years ago Mr Kiss was forced to come out of retirement to support his wheelchair-bound wife and intellectually disabled son. To help him out in this crisis, fritzl purchased his collection of un-collected bespoke shoes, which he continues to sell to SF members (his thread Operation Paprika has many wonderful examples). E.G. member F. Corbera's pair.
Recently, Mr Kiss passed away, and the world lost a great craftsman. However, fritzl continues to enjoy his collection of beautifully crafted, near-indestructible shoes.
fritzl, let me know if you don't want this posted here.

no worries. thank you for posting.
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Nothing too fancy considering my weak budget...nothing super vintage or rare.

But these are the best wallabees I've ever purchased. They're from the people over at oi polloi. They're my first elk skin shoes of any kind. I've only had them for about 9 months but I've put a beating on them and they barely show it. The leather is so breathable that I never wear socks with them. They've got a unique nap to them....rough like fine grain sandpaper but velvety at the same time. Lucky for me, I got them for close to retail since I got them on a free shipping weekend. .

Pardon the horrible pic.

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Outerwear and shoes, am I doing it right?

Barbour, W+H, TOJ, TOJ, florsheim lol

CP, Blanc&Noir, Buttero
MMM, MMM, Alden in Buttero box

Just want some white and gray t-shirts and a few well fitting OCBDs and I'll be doing alright nod[1].gif
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I hate seeing shoes in shoeboxes though.
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Just moved, that's all I've unpacked. Can update the pic in a few smile.gif
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my contribution:

Tan cotton twill Topman jacket bought at a discount. My only piece from Topman and so far the only item from the brand that caught my attention. The rest don't even remotely come close in construction, etc. I figure that for brands like this the general rule is that the less complicated the construction is, the harder for them to mess it up. This jacket is versatile enough to be worn over tees and shirts, open or closed; breezy enough in the hot Singaporean weather except for long walks on extremely hot days. When its time has come I would look for a way to replicate this. Actually is there a specific name for this design?

Raw jeans as a bottom staple. This particular one is Uniqlo MIJ, also bought on a discount. Actually I went for one size up in slim fit.... Ended up having a tad loose waist but I like how the rest fit. Also back then I didn't even know that this is raw denim etc and washed them after 3 days.

Alfred Sargent premier from AFPOS during clearance, since they're shutting down that line. I know I am gonna wear the hell out of these so I went for snuff derby.. I think it is one of the safest and most versatile to be worn with casual pants (mine are: indigo denim, off-white linen-cotton, tan PoW corduroy, brown corduroy, grey herringbone). No-nonsense, minimalistic but with a bit of character with the little brogueing, hard-wearing, and double-soled to top it off.

Edit: lol didn't realize there's a reflection of my ugly sandals in the jeans pic
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Hello all. I have really enjoyed this thread. I feel very content with some of the items I have on today, so I thought I'd share. First:

The main thing I wanted to show was the belt. Its a Kenton Sorensen natural leather belt, via Context. Its about two years old, but has seen only moderate wear. I've never treated it. I really love it because it looks great with denim and it seems to go with just about any shirt I would wear with denim. The color change has slowed, but I think it will continue to darken. I expect that I will only like it better. I think it is a great thing to feel content about because it is the kind of thing you acquire in order to have and love for a long time. I look at it and think about what it will be like 10-20 years from now.

For the record, I also love this shirt. Cranberry madras from Epaulet. I wear this all the time. It will be a sad day if I have to part with it. OK, second:

Tag Heuer watch. I've worn this every day for the last ten years. I wear it with suits, I wear it with denim. I'm completely happy with it.

Now that I see the picture, I might also have included that carpet in this post. I plan to own that for a long time. Finally:

Alden LWB, natural chromexcel, commando sole, courtesy of (now defunct) Winn Perry. I've only had these for about a year and a half, but they have really proven themselves. Very natural to reach for on a denim day. I have abused them a little, and I often wear them in the rain. But I think they'll go some distance yet.

These jeans are still too new (six months) to include in the contented category. But they'll get there. Warehouse. Love them.
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I just found a fantastic Danish bed and dresser for cheap, helping me get very close to having a comfortable home for me and my daughter. They both needed a lot of work, but look great now. After many years of feeling unsettled in my old house, it's particularly nice to be content and stable in my new house...

The only furniture needs left to fill are a bookcase for my daughter's room and an interesting kitchen table to go with my HM Eames shell chairs (that need bases).
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Sure looks good.

Originally Posted by VLSI View Post

Outerwear and shoes, am I doing it right?
Barbour, W+H, TOJ, TOJ, florsheim lol
CP, Blanc&Noir, Buttero
MMM, MMM, Alden in Buttero box
Just want some white and gray t-shirts and a few well fitting OCBDs and I'll be doing alright nod[1].gif
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Hendrix! Most of my shoes as follows...


MMMs need to be worn more. Just came by the boots, sneaks have just been put on the back burner to the other pairs shog[1].gif
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want those blanc & noir sneakers
great collection
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I picked up this ring from Lavish & Squalor in Toronto the other day and I can't wait to rock it all through Autumn.

It's by Vitaly design.

Here's a shoddy webcam pic of it on my hand:

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is that as uncomfortable as it looks

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Originally Posted by VLSI View Post

Hendrix! Most of my shoes as follows... Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
MMMs need to be worn more. Just came by the boots, sneaks have just been put on the back burner to the other pairs shog[1].gif


Very Styleforum, too - but in a good way.

I might post up my collection in a bit.
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I thought I'd contribute and post a few things...


First is my Julius leather from SS10. I remember sitting in my chair at home looking through the first runway photos when my eyes caught this jacket. It was stunning and exactly what I was looking for. I knew I had to have it. This was back in '09 when I had just slowly become comfortable with proxying Japanese goods. I ordered it the moment it became available and wore it to death the following season. While Julius pieces has always had that industrial and punk feel to it, it was very easy meshing this jacket into my current wardrobe. Of course, I've never kept the gun holster attached. shog[1].gif And even though my style has evolved since then, I can't bear to part with it, even it does seldomly see any wear.


Next up is my pair of flight pants by Cloak. Cloak was one of those brands that really caught my attention and what really sparked my interest in fashion. I purchased this some years ago and I can safely say that I've put it through its paces. I've worn this through the pouring rain in Paris and hiked up the trails through Amalfi wearing these and they haven't let me down yet. I remember walking around for so long one time with my Krane messenger bag by my side, that I realized that much of the wax from my bag had transferred onto the pants. Now every time I see that waxy sheen I think about my journey and the experience that it encapsulates. Never could I have imagined a pair of pants to be so versatile, comfortable, and have the ability to piss off so many TSA agents.

More later...
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