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Was thinking about getting the hemingway today, but my decision was made for me unfortunately I was to slow to act and too busy at work to grab one quick.
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It looks like we are going to have to reup again on those.

Stay tuned and we will let you know about timing.
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Hey Rocko,

We appreciate you checking out the denim.

Hemming them down to a 33" inseam would only slightly change the opening.

The Cone and Nisshinbo selvages we have available are both quite different. The Cone is rather hairy and starchy. It is stiff at first wear due to the starch but a soak will soften them up quite a bit. The Nisshinbo is an incredibly saturated indigo. Basically turns everything blue. They are both right in the same wheelhouse for weight but the Cone feels heavier, again due to the starch.

Hope this helps and if you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask!
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Why did the Hemingway have a tag on the outside?  I don't usually like having any sort of label showing, and that one in particular seems to stand out.

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hello tayor stitch,

was wondering if you're going to have a restock of the mission workshop dearborn overshirt?

cheers smile.gif
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Also curious about a restock: When do you expect more Cone jeans similar to the copper selvage?
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The sweater had the exterior label to denote the wool was spun in England. The sweaters are made in Howick Scottland, and they had put the label on the sweater without telling us. We at Taylor Stitch agree - exterior labels are no good. That said, you can remove the label, or if you are not comfortable doing that, you can have a tailor take care of that for you.
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Thanks for asking. We will not be restocking the dearborn overshirt - it was a one time collaboration. We do however hope to collaborate with them again in the new year on another project.
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We will be releasing two new 15.5oz Cone Selve denims on January 16th.
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Happy New Year to all at Style Forum! We were blown away by your interest and participation in the thread last year. As many of you know, it was the first thread we have ever participated in. Most importantly, we want to improve the thread this year based on your feedback.

What would you like to see more of in the thread?

What can we do better?

What projects did you like?

What are some of your other favorite threads.

Again, we can't thank you all enough for your time and intelligence.

The TS fellas
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Frequent restocks of staple basics such as the dress shirts would be nice.

As far as my other favorite threads I'd probably be an anomaly as my wardrobe is somewhat divided between work and leisure: everything from Epaulet to ToJ to Stephen Schneider to S.E.H. Kelly to the baller sneaker thread and the baller boot thread.

As far as the MC side of things, I mostly just browse as needed (specific shoe threads / suiting detail concerns / etc).
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I'd love to see either a more substantial patch on your denim, or see you remove the patch. I have two pairs and was really disappointed with the quality of the patch (flimsy, fell apart after ONE, even though I didn't put in dryer).

The "black" denim that fades indigo was a very cool concept but the result just looked dirty, since it only really faded in the crotch area. I was pretty disappointed with that.

Two shirts had to be repaired because the buttons broke within a couple of weeks.

Those incidents aside, I like the product overall - the price point is fair and construction is usually solid. The shop itself is also very cool, and I appreciate the constant interaction with users/customers.

I would love to see you guys venture into more leather goods!
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The one thing I would like to see more of is different styles/cuts. Your house shirt is awesome. But there are only so many shirts I can buy, and the overshirt-styled shirts you make are pretty slim to function as overshirts, unless you're really skinny or wear a t-shirt. It would be great to see jackets a la rogue territory.
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I'd like to see more basics, like the tshirts and sweaters. Similar to the indigo ones you guys released just in a wider variety of colors.
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Agree with what someone else said about maybe adding another shirt fit, but also think your take on some sort of casual outerwear would be nice, though it's obviously late for this season. Look forward to trying your denim and will provide feedback after the purchase.
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