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Making hard life choices. See signature...
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Haven't seen any updates or shipping emails, but are we still expecting the camp pants and Yosemite shirts to go out this week?

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Selling my Wax tan Trucker Long Haul.  Need to size up.

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Hi to all my old and new friends,


As you know I've been watching this thread from afar, commenting when needed and just ever so thankful for the support of each and every one of you through the good and bad. I've always felt the most amazing thing about this thread is the ability to keep us (being Taylor Stitch) grounded. 


You all have helped us uncover growth issues, told us when he hit home runs and sometimes when we missed, and I'll always be checking in / watching from afar. But as we've grown, I want to introduce to you all my partner in crime, Summer Steve, who will be handling more of the weekly inquiries as my time is now spread thin between many different places. 


Little known facts about @summersteve... He clocks in at 6'3, 185 buckos, wears a 42 top & probably is responsible for at least one headline about a sighting about Bigfoot. Some of you may have spoke to him before or gotten a lovely production update email, as we've worked hard to keep you all more informed about production timelines, delays, and anything that can help elevate your Taylor Stitch experience.


This isn't goodbye. This is just handing over the torch while cheering on from the sidelines. I'll still be here but you're in good hands. And I got nothing else.


Thanks to all of you who helped me learn and grow. And I'm excited to see Steve do the same, except I don't think he can grow any taller. But time will tell.



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Howdy @Klemins !


Thanks for reaching out regarding the one-month updates.

I can say that I've been working diligently on the updates with @mikegnthensome

Confirming production dates with our local mom & pop factories can prove difficult at times.


Rest assured, we will confirm details and begin sending updates for recent Workshop products.

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