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I got the Indigo Sazanami Jack and Blue Pin Dot Jack in the mail today. Supremely happy with both. Taylor Stitch is definitely my go-to for casual shirts now.
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The Yosemite shirt should be coming out late October.
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Visited the store last tuesday. It was good, I liked the stuff. Bought Uniform Wares watch, would've copped black belt if they had my size and got some socks for my little brother (the ones made in Japan, he loves them).

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It's that time of the week again. We got into some great organic cotton chambray from a mill in Portugal. It has an awesome weight and wonderful hand.

Comes in Red, Blue and Charcoal.

Per usual, get yourself first crack with the discount code STAPLECHAMBRAY. It's good through tomorrow evening.

Hope you enjoy.

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I did not know that there was a Taylor Stitch thread on styleforum until an hour ago, so I made an account just to post on this thread. I bought the Gilt City deal (a white and a blue oxford for $168) in March, and it has since proved to be one of the best deals ever. I'm always happy to support products made in the USA, and with Taylor Stitch being so close to home, I was not going to pass up a chance to get some of their critically acclaimed, Bay Area made shirts. I originally got them both in size 36 and I thought it worked but I eventually realized that it was too tight. (That was my fault for not measuring properly. The construction is second to none). I had only worn the blue one up to that point, and I was worried about whether or not I'd be able to exchange. However, I came to this realization in May/maybe early June, by which time the oxfords had disappeared from the website. In the meantime I ordered the flag khadi in 36 as well, but it was also too small. I became busy with other things around that time over summer, so I never got around to returning anything.


Fast forward to August. By this time I noticed that the oxfords were back in stock, so I emailed asking if I could exchange them. I was assured that this was indeed possible, but I forgot to print out the mailing label and went on for a few more days. Luckily, I had an excuse to go up to the city during the second week of August, so I decided to finally visit the Taylor Stitch store as well. It was awesome. The staff was very helpful and my exchange was very stress free. I can't wait to go back the next time I'm in San Francisco.


As for my unfortunately too small flag khadi, I had been hopeful that I would somehow shrink in order to fit into the shirt. I love the material, and as mentioned above, it is miles ahead of linen as a warm weather fabric. I went outside in 95 degree weather with it the first time I tried it on, and I can honestly say that I have never felt more comfortable in heat like that. Sadly, I did not shrink, so I returned the shirt with the free shipping label. That was not a fun time.  I got an email two days later letting me know that my return had been received. I asked about my refund, and I got a very fast reply explaining that since it had been over 30 days since my purchase, the online payment system would not allow a refund. Because of that, I was instead mailed a check. I received that check two days later.


I guess the whole point of this mini essay I just wrote is to say that you guys are awesome. You make a great product, have great service, and are always open to feedback. I know you're not originally from this part of the country, but you do the Bay proud. I'll definitely continue to shop at Taylor Stitch and keep spreading the word.


PS- Please bring back the flag khadi next year. I promise I'll get the correct size this time.

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Thank you for the glowing story. It always feels amazing to hear these things from our customers and reaffirm that all the hard work is indeed worth it. I am proud that we have some of the absolute best people making sure you guys get what you want.

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Just got my first shirt, the indigo star jack, in the mail - amazing shirt, awesome quality, and a handwritten note inviting me to drop into the store if I'm ever in the area.

Basically, you guys kick ass. Absolutely my go-to shirt guys now - couldn't be happier.
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i vaguely remember you guys mentioning chinos, will those be available in the next few months?
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that would be awesome

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I can promise chino's right before Christmas. The plan is to do a heavy weight 12oz Italian twill in 4 colors. Also planning on having 4 colors of Cords before Christmas as well.

Just as an update, we will have a 13oz black Kurabo mills jean coming out next week.

We did have 500 pairs of Chinos ready for the start of September but the dye house burned down with all the pants inside. Yikes!!!
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Yikes indeed. Hope it was all just pants and such that burned and everything was properly insured. That's bad enough for the dye house owners, workers, and customers.
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Good evening everyone.

Back by popular demand and many people that didn't get in on the action the first time we have brought back 3 collections of our best selling shirts from recent times.

The Speckled Jacks, Indigo Prints (with addition of one more) and the Indigo Stars are all back in stock for an encore performance...

Use the code THEGREATRELAUNCH at checkout now through tomorrow night to get yours before they disappear forever. It'll give you a little 10% ff kick.

As always, free shipping both ways and let us know if we can assist with anything.

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sweet! just copped the ariso i missed out on last time. and a light blue speckled for good measure. smile.gif although i'm tempted by the natural speckled too...
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Great, just picked up the natural speckle I missed the first time.

On a side note, just got around to wearing my cone mills denim shirt. The sleeves seem really long (1-1.5 inches). I know there was an error on the 1st batch with long sleeves, but did it happen again on the 2nd? I'll try to get an accurate measurement tomorrow.
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^The sleeves don't strike me as too long on my second-batch shirt and they are the same length as fall madras shirt I also have in the same size.
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