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Casual Jackets

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Hello Stylists

I am going to get three tailor made blazers in a weeks time. Two Corduroy (I just for some reason dont like tweed!) and one velvet, the corduroy ones will mostly be worn outdoors and very casually whereas I will be wearing Velvet in the evenings for parties. Weather here is usually cold, so linen is not an option.

Corduroy Links (like the style of this jacket as well)

Velvet Links ( I am thinking of going for black one, but the chocolate one (last one) looks really nice to me!)

The corduroy ones, preferably with jeans (blue and black) and t shirt and about the velvet one not sure smile.gif may be a shirt and jeans?

What I want help with is mainly the Colors and overall style (lapels, buttons on sleeve etc etc) that would suit the above description. Anything useful you may want to add from your personal experience. These will be my first blazers so yeah ideally the most versatile colors. Oh I am just 5 5' so usually avoid sharp contrasts and am an olive skinned Asian (slightly fairer but not white!) if this extra info helps smile.gif

Have always had great advice from this forum so looking forward to your replies. Thanks!
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You posted this in the wrong section. Go post under Men's Corner, and I'm sure you will get lots of help.
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