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Moving to Philadelphia

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How would the transition be from living in NY? Brooklyn, specifically.

Lived in NY all my life, looking for a change. Have friends and family in Philly, and have always enjoyed visiting.

Thing is, I would be without a car. I think getting used to another cities public transport system would be quite difficult after NY, specially since the Philly one does not even run all night.

I'm 21. So i'll obviously be looking for a place where the younger people are... After talking with friends seems like Northern Liberties is an up and coming area?

As for work, i'm not overly concerned. I'll be making the move in January, right after I graduate nursing school, so I don't think i'll be too hard up for a job, but in any case, i've got a good amount of money saved up (~10,000)

Bottom line is i'm just getting restless in NY, I want a change. Philly stands out because it doesn't keep me too far from NY, and because I have some sense of familiarity with it, and it's comforting to know there are people I know by me.

Open to other places, though I haven't given much thought as to where...
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I moved from Queens to Philly several years ago. The trade-off is ease of living for excitement. I don't mind living in Philly, but I'd be perfectly happy to move back to New York. I've only lived in Center City, so public transportation's virtually a non-issue for me since everything's so walkable. (I do have a car, but it's mostly for commuting to and from work.) Northern Liberties is like a third-rate Williamsburg with a huge post-college dormitory complex. Which is to say, I probably would've enjoyed living there when I was twenty two.
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Oh, and the Fitler Square neighborhood is kind of like a second-rate Park Slope. Full of Wharton students and recent grads.

(I guess I'm being unduly cranky about Philly. It is actually a pretty nice place to live. Great beer scene.)
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