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roughly parity of late
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Originally Posted by JChance View Post

whats the conversion rate currently at? looking to spend 103 CAD, how much is that in US after charges?

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Just grabbed an ombre knit in brown/white from nomad for $201 after tax. They had a size small and a few of the wool-lined mac coats left 

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what exactly is that metal loop in the pockets (right pocket on my large loop hoodie and left pocket on my tiger fleece sweats) on w+h fleece for? kinda weird, unexplainable detail, imo.
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Dring for key chain. Only works if you have something that opens and closes real easily imo
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Get an S-biner from a sports supplies store. Perfect as a little keychain.
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Some nice deals. Got the quilted wool shirt for 70% off.
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Anyone think there will be additional drops on the hoodies? Hoping for 70% off instead of 50%.
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Seems like there's some new stockists on the official list:

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Anyone know how the hunting sweaters fit? If I'm 180lb 5'11 and a Size 40.5-41 chest do I go with the medium or large? So far I think wool does stretch a bit? (right?) and if anyone knows can you tell me your size in the large loop hoodie and tell me weather you prefer a fitted or baggier type style. Thanks

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I'd go for size large
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Vajayee is this based on your ownership of the hunting sweater? Because I compared the measurements of the hunting sweater to the large loop hoodie and the hoodie size L is 70 cm and the hunting sweater in size M is 70cm which is why I decided to go with the M and the chest width is approx 40 inches.

Anymore opinions would be appreciated.
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I'd take a medium and expect it to stretch about a half size, maybe more if you hang it. I sized down from my usual small to an xs 

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Thanks for your help Slone. I already ordered the medium but felt skeptical about the sizing but the Medium fits perfectly not too loose and not too night. So I can confidently say that the hunting sweater is a sweater that you have to size 1 down on.

On the other hand the new s/s 13 line looks like you have to size up one. The w+h sizing is all over the place so everyone make sure to double check the measurements before purchasing.

Overall the sweater is really thick but the wool feels really rough, is this characteristic of virgin wool and will it become softer over time? Feels like I have to wear a longe sleeve over it just to prevent the slight irritation it gives off.

Lastly does anyone know if the hunting sweaters are made by the cowichan?
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I own a couple W+H ocbd's in size medium, and the fit in the shoulders/chest is spot on. Which is actually pretty hard for me to find, as I have a 41 chest, but relatively narrow shoulders. I assume some other people here are like me in terms of sizing. Are there any other brands with a similar fit I should be looking at?
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