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Shopping in Paris and Milan

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Hi All,

Going to be in Paris and Milan next week. I know there are seasoned travellers, and shoppers on this board, so can people in the know please chip in and help a Euro-Newb fill up his suitcase?

I'm looking for shoes, bags, belts, shirts, pants and whatever. Prefer local finds too.

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Search button is helpful.

What specifically are you looking for besides "everything"?

What is your budget?

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Specifics as mentioned.

Budget is open as long as the quality is there. Looking for local finds, rather than mainstream.
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Charvet, Corthay, Goyard, et Moynat (á Paris).
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Also Aubercy and Carmina in Paris for shoes.
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Arthur and Fox for shirts and ties. Not Charvet standards, but very decent quality. I've also enjoyed shirts from Melchior...
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Don't forget Arnys, Cape Cod/Marc Gayot, Crockett and Jones next door and Delos. I think RJMan had a thread about Paris a while back. Pity Old England closed.
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Originally Posted by ThatGuy View Post

Specifics as mentioned.
Budget is open as long as the quality is there. Looking for local finds, rather than mainstream.

Then hit St. Germaine Blvd and you're golden.
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Recommendation from earlier post.
Not super high end, but excellent clothing:

You might wish to try these shops for well-priced semi
trad menswear. I own several pairs of their dress slacks,
the oldest of which is from the early 80s.
They are superbly made and have worn extremely well.
I haven't been to Paris in the last few years , but the last time
I checked, the stores carried the same style and quality.
Also recently endorsed by other SF memebers.

Arthur et Fox
159 Blvd. St Germain
75006 Paris

Arthur et Fox
44 Rue du Bac
75007 Paris

There's another branch near the Opera.
Also, as I recall, at least several years back,
they owned another store near Ave. Foch
but with a different name

Weston shoes are another good bet.

Have a great visit.
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Thanks guys.

I will definitely check out St Germain for Edward Green, Arthur et Fox, Arnies.

I will also drop by ABP. Ordered a strap for my Hermes belt. Hoping they will deliver on their reputation... else will have to buy from Hermes in future.
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Oh, I forgot. Any tips on Milan?

I heard Milan is the place for trendy and colourful clothing - shirts and pants!

Please share your experiences on Milan... I've got Paris soughted smile.gif
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Here's a list of noteworthy things in Milan I compiled for a friend.

Sightseeing/Things to do:
- Rooftop of the Duomo – Take the stairs (don’t queue up for the elevator) and get on the top of the Duomo
- The last supper from da Vinci in l Cimitero Monumentale (one word: monumental, tickets have to be booked in advance)
- If you're interested, visit an opera or ballet in the Scala (if you get tickets – it’s worth just for the building and you can see some real Milanese people)
- On rainy days: Museo del novecento next to the Duomo, Triennale close to Cadorna (especially the Triennale Design Museum), Spa in the Bulgari Hotel (Via Privata Fratelli Gabba, 7/b)
- If you're in town and interested definitely worth visiting: Salone del Mobile

Food/Drinks (also kind of belongs to sightseeing)
- Panzerotti at Luini ( Via Santa Radegonda – don’t worry about the queue, it’s worth waiting)
- Da Giacomo (solid sicilian food, Via Marconi, 1)
- Best dinner by far: Ristorante Cracco-Peck (one of the most expensice restaurants in town (100 euros upwards) but an incredible experience, book ahead!, Via Victor Hugo, 4)
- Pizza OK (Via San Siro, 9)
- Armani Nobu (Best Japanese, Via Gastone Pisoni, 1)
- Cafe Victor Hugo (nice for breakfast/afternoon delights, Via Victor Hugo, 2)
- Top floor in la Rinascente (Easy lunch when you're in the very downtown. The department store itself is not worth a visit but the food department is)
- Supermarket Peck (For Parmesan and Milanese Salami)
- Gucci Café (uber cool and uber priced but if you’re on a shopping spree and in the mood, worth to have a café, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II)

- For Her:
- Max & Co (Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 11)
- Max Mara (Piazza del Liberty, 4)
- Prada (you're in Milano so you have to visit, Corso Venezia, 3)
- Valextra (the Milanese Hermes, very expensive but high quality bags (also for men), Manzoni, Via Santo Spirito, 20)
- Have a walk in the Quadrilatero d'Oro and do some windows shopping: Via Montenapoleone, Della Spiga, Via Borgospesso, and Via Sant'Andrea
- Corso Como 10 (answer to Colette in Paris, has a Café as well)

- For Him:
- Boggi (affordable menswear, jackets ~300 Euros, my favorite outlet is on Piazza San Babila,
- Al Bazar (stocks Guy Rover shirts and well-made double monks, great atmosphere to go shopping (especially if you speak a bit of Italian), Via Antonio Scarpa, 9,
- Fratelli Rossetti (shoes for men and women, Via Montenapoleone,
- Ader (affordable suits and coats, stocks Aquascutum trenchcoats, Vicolo Santa Maria alla Porta, 1,
- M. Bardelli (formal wear, lots of cashmere items, jackets ~1000 Euros plus, so rather expensive but worth a visit since it’s on four floors and the sales staff doesn’t mind showing you around, 13 Corso Magenta,
- Zegna (What do I have to say?, Via Montenapolenone)
- Fay (Shirts and outerwear, Via della spiga 15,
- Camacissima (affordable Shirts –usually 3 for 99 Euros, if they fit you perfectly: buy otherwise go somewhere else, Corso Vittorio Emmanuele II)
- Santoni (italian shoes, Via Gesù 9,
- Churchs (british shoes, Via Sant'Andrea 11,
- Gallo (Knit ties and socks, V. A. Manzoni, 16b,
- Isaia (amazing fabrics but very, very expensive, great sportscoats, amazing concept store, Via Verri,
- Piombo (Casual, unstructured jackets, interesting shop, Via Montenapoleone 23,
- Borelli (great neapolitan shirts, lots of handwork but rather pricy at ~150-250 Euros, Via del Lauro 3,
- Drumohr (Knitwear, nice cashmere ties, via Monte Napoleone 18)
- Marinella (Neapolitan Ties, rather pricy ~100^Euros but nice to have a look, Via Santa Maria alla Porta 5,
- Etro (woolen trousers and coats, nice pocket squares, Via Montenapoleone)

- Interior:
- Alessi (Home accessories, Corso Matteotti 9)
- B&B Italia (Furniture, Via Durini 14)
- Flos (Lightning, Corso Monforte 9)
- Artemide (Lightning, Via Manzoni 12)
- Kartell (Plastic furniture, Via C. Porta)
- Poltrona Frau (Leather furniture, Via della Moscova 58)
- MDF Italia (Various furniture, very minimalistic, Via della Chiusa ang. Via Crocefisso)

- More shopping:
- Borsalino (Hats, Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II 92)
- Piumelli (Gloves, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II)
- Francesco Maglia (Bespoke Umbrellas – you’ll need an appointment first, Via Ripamonti 194)
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I've been to Milan in May. Nice town, but without shopping it becomes boring soon. I think you can cover most of the sightseeing stuff in one day shog[1].gif


Since I was seeking medium priced stuff I can't point you to any highend shops, but here are some tips anyway:


Boggi Milano is everywhere. Not highend, but the bigger shops are worth a visit nevertheless. Nice ties and the shoes are a bargain. Also lots of made-in-Italy belts. Suits also have a MiI-tag, shirts are made overseas (~ 60 Euro).


There is an Etro factory store close to Porta Romana, but unfortunately it was closed when I was trying to visit it. The small shopping window looked promising, though.


Sartoria Rossi would be my #1 tip. Lovely stuff and a reasonable price range. You can see some impressions at their website.


Ader is a slightly quirky shop, but it carries a wide range of nice clothes: Corneliani, Zegna etc., Alden shoes as well as some Italian leather goods. They always seem to have good discounts, so definitely worth a visit.


Fratelli Rosetti have some more 'adventurous' shoes, bold Italian stuff in fancy colours. Cool suede loafers etc.


The upscale stuff is all located around Via Montenapoleone. Everything from Armani, Versace, Isaia etc. Out of my league, so I only did some window shopping. Some other upscale stores can be found around the Duomo/la galeria Vitt. Emanuele, like Borrelli.


Al Bazar should be well known, at least for SF standards. Haven't made the trip there, not exactly my cup of tea. Maybe next time, though.


By accident I found a small shop called "Tommy Milano" which is located in the underground passage at the Duomo. Nice stuff and I had a good chat with the owner (Italian only, be aware). He has his stuff made in Naples and in other factories in Italy and is quite proud of it. Good shirts (~60 Eur), and I also bought a suit and ties. Again, not to be compared with Borrelli or Barba, but good value for the money.


There is an outlet somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Milan. Can't remember the name, but it was a waste of time for me. Maybe there are some gems hidden there from time to time, but most of it is useless loud designer stuff in usless sizes (XS or XXL).


Speaking of sizes, I hope you have "Italian-compatible" sizes, i.e. shoe size max. 44 and regular length in shirts + suits.


Have fun biggrin.gif

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In Milano there are two things one cannot miss:

The tour/walk on the duomo roof

10 Corso Como and it's outlet store.
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Originally Posted by Gdot View Post

In Milano there are two things one cannot miss:
The tour/walk on the duomo roof
10 Corso Como and it's outlet store.

i didnt rate 10 corso como or its outlet.

i did rate the valextra outlet though
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