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It looks nice with the new pics. There are varying opinions about how to de-emphasize a pear shaped body, but in my opinion opening up the quarters (cutting away the fronts to reveal more negative space below the button) along with lowering the button stance are the biggest aides. Opening up the quarters creates less fabric down around your large hips and visually breaks up the area so it doesn't appear as massive; and lowering the button stance elongates the upper torso and strengthens the chest. Fiddle with it in photoshop or paint and you'll see what I mean. Slant the hacking pockets steeper and move them farther out and away from the center of the torso, see Huntsman's website. I just have my tailor create the pocket flaps, but not actually make the pockets, since that adds mass in the place you don't want it. Worse comes to worse you can get your next jacket in a light fabric and trousers in dark... that is a huge help in countering the pear shape; but it does look more casual.
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I'm no expert but overall I think it's pretty good, not amazing, but not terrible. I spot a collar gap, also a dropped right shoulder, and lastly the hacked pockets plus high button stance are accentuating your hips. The sleeves could be narrower, and either the shirt sleeves are long or the suit sleeves are short.
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I think the pocket makes you look bad... it totally display a pear body shape, I would recommend you to make a flat pocket instead

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There is some extra material under the armpits at the back which could be taken in. Like others have said, the pear shape is not a good look; I'm not sure how, to remedy that. It could be high button stance but possibly not. (I'd say, flat-angled pocket flaps would help.)
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Button stance way too high for your body type, overall, the flaring of the pockets (angled), wide lapels, wide waist, etc. is absolutely the opposite of what you should do for a pear-shaped body.  

I thought wide lapels and discreet waist suppresion were a good way to counter a pear shape? Other than that, lower button stance with open quarters and straight pockets with no flaps should be helpful next time.

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These are things that can't be altered but for your next jacket, lower button stance, and no hacking pockets.

And the silly pink button hole at the cuff.
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Hope you can get this fixed:
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...... Oh, and there is red stitching on one of your sleeve buttonholes.
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It does a pretty good job of highlighting your shape.

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Thanks to all.


I am asking the tailor to make some alterations and I'll post new pictures to ask for additional feedback.

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Originally Posted by GBR View Post

And the silly pink button hole at the cuff.

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The button stance looks ok to me. However, I think that the frontparts overlap too much, and the sleeves may need to be slimmed a little. The back seems nice to me.
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