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Is this a jacket or part of a suit?

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I'm looking for a plain blue jacket that would be versatile enough either to wear with jeans to a bar in the evening or with smart trousers (blue, cream, brown) for work when it's a fairly casual day.

I think what I am looking for is what you guys call a "sports jacket" - but honestly, here in the UK I never hear that phrase and if it is used it almost exclusively seems to refer to a tweedy jacket for hunting in.


John Lewis has this one - I like the look of the cut in the picture, but is it not a jacket that is meant to be worn as part of a suit?


They have this one, too, which looks identical to me but they describe as a "suit jacket"


I was just wondering if anyone could confirm whether the first one is the sort of jacket you could get away with wearing with odd trousers to work, on a formal day, or for a social event? Or is it a misdescribed suit jacket that would look out of place without its matching trousers?


Any good suggestions for similar sort of jackets in the same price range roughly?


Also I'm not very good at matching patterns in my head  - would this sort of jacket be wearable with a nice pair of formal brown checked trousers I own?

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Steer clear of that, it should be part of a suit. What you want is a blazer, though not with gold buttons by the sound of it. You can get them with smoked mother of pearl buttons which should be better for all around wear.
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Thanks. I thought it looked like a suit jacket, but wasn't really sure why.

You're right, I don't really like the idea of brass buttons, I'm a 34 year old publisher, not a retired Naval officer!

Can you recommend a good maker or supplier?

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It has been part of a suit - possibly an over stock being sold off cheap.
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I wouldn't recommend Daniel Hetcher anything. I touched a shirt once in John Lewis and it made me recoil like a snail into its shell.

What's your budget?

Also, in answer to the question asking "what makes a blue blazer/suit jacket?":
1. blazers normally have a coarser/thicker fabric, or a fabric with some element of special interest/texture to it;
2. the buttons tend to be different on a blazer: either they're lighter than dark suit buttons, or they're metal, or they're mother of pearl (sometimes smoked);
3. blazers often have patch pockets or other sporty details to make them look less formal.
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that is a suit jacket.
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Shouldn't a true British gent know this stuff? puzzled.gif
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Thanks for the advice. I thought it was weird that the same site had two items which basically looked identical, with one marked as a suit jacket and one not.

I've been looking all over the web for something suitable since I made that post and not come up with much - Ideally I'd like to spend under £200. My favourite I have found so far is slightly more than that (but , I expect like a lot of people on here, I usually have the ability to "find" a bit of extra money if an item I want is slightly out of my budget) - I know the brand is generally looked down upon here, from my limited reading of this forum, but it should give you an idea of the style I'm after,default,pd.html


Anyone recommend anything similiar, preferably cheaper and better?


Contrastingly, I have found a lot of linen/cotton navy blazers that I like during my search, but I already own a linen blue blazer, and am I right in assuming that this does not cover the "Blue blazer" wardrobe staple, which ideally should be wool?

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First, Yes, you probably should get a wool blazer as your staple.

Secondly, the blazer in the link you provide is nothing special in my opinion. There should be plenty of similar offerings out there in the market. Check out Marks & Spencer's site.
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Thanks for the reply, I will look at Marks and Spencers -

I have to admit , despite often reading that they have decent stuff there, I have always more or less ignored it as an option , as it was where my mother bought all my clothes for me from when I was a child in the 80s - so the name has never exactly implied "stylish" to me!

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They've introduced a range of pretty decent quality tailoring recently, that's why people recommend them. I bought black tie there once, which I subsequently destroyed over the course of a night (at a fête champêtre), but it seemed pretty good for the money.

If you want a 'trendy' blazer, this isn't the forum for you, because people will here almost invariably suggest tailoring that follows the rules of Italian or British tailoring traditions (in the most distilled layman's terms: these traditions favour a jacket that ends well below your bum).
If you're okay with that, or interested about learning more, then I recommend spending time reading old threads in this forum on the topic. Otherwise, maybe head over to the Streewear and Denim subforum.

Because your budget is quite low, I would suggest waiting 2 weeks for the sales, and heading to Harrods (floors G and B1) and the Ralph Lauren flagship on Bond Street. You're pretty well guaranteed to get a good quality blazer in one of those places (although expect to pay more than £200, even at 50% off).
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Thanks for the advice, yes I am looking forward to the sales coming up ... I will probably have a lot more in mind to buy by then.

I found this forum a few weeks ago... laughed at how grown men could spend so much time and effort thinking about what they wear ... then spent about £2k on new suits, coats, shirts, ties, cufflinks and shoes.

My favourite purchase so far is a Burberry trench coat which I wouldn't have thought about buying if I hadn't seen this forum.

About the only thing I need to get for the my own personalised "staples" list I've devised , reading this forum, in the last weeks, is a blue wool blazer.

I'm not into trendy. I'm a mid 30s sports journalist, not a teenager auditioning for a boyband!

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