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just curious... have bedford jackets ALWAYS had those diagonal darts along the sides? from season to season, or fabric to fabric has this ever changed?
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Originally Posted by canstyleace View Post

So what's the consensus on that navy wool camo?
For such an interestingly looking fabric there hasnt been much talk about it here,,, I havent seen it in person myself but I'm sure many here have..
Mainly wondering if it can easily be mixed in with a regular wardrobe or is it just too flashy?

Personal taste
ive seen it in person - Its nice, but not for me
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Yeah, that's kind of what I think I'd be like but its so hard to judge without being able to see, feel and try on in person.
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Are there any spots at all that still have the navy wool bedford in a M? Looking for a friend.
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At 5'9" and a fairly boxy 165, do I need to worry about sizing for an M truman jacket on its way to me in the mail? I know the sleeves will need shortening but will the body fit?
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it's going to run big. I'm 5-11 180 and the m was to big for me
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Fit pick with socks.

They fit on the larger side in the waist, so if you are on the fence with sizes
definitely go for the smaller size.
Originally Posted by Jagger_On View Post

Does anyone own the E-1 pants? I really like the relaxed look of it but, and this might sound stupid/weird, how do they look with socks on or do you wear them without?
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Speaking of pants. Got a pair of the navy ground crew pants from Bureau. Very nice fit

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I could do with some help. I picked up a couple of shirts recently but I think the fit is way off and could do with some feedback. Should I return them if possible or is there anything else I can do to make them fit a bit better. I'm more than a wee bit tubby at the moment so I picked up the XL although neither were available in the L anyway.

First up is the White floral. I basically only paid a pound for it (was reduced to £76 and I had a £75 voucher) so I'm willing to mess around with it if it's at all possible to make it a better fit. It seems to fit round my gut ok and the sleeves are huge but I can take them up if I decide to keep but it just seems huge in the shoulders and chest. Any advice? I've also uploaded a pic with it layered underneath a Truman vest and a Landsdown jacket, is it at all salvageable that way?


Similarly, I've got the black floral flannel. It doesn't seem to be as big in the shoulders but again any advice to keep or not. Similarly, I've layered it under the vest and jacket to see how that works. Does this shirt work with navy? Somebody told me the pink would be pulled out by the navy but I'm not so sure (still trying to learn about which colours go together).


Sorry the pics aren't the best but its the best I can do just now.
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Hard to tell for sure but the shirts do look big, esp the white. Most of my EG fits small in the shoulders relative to the rest of the body, so if the shoulders are big the rest will be way too big. Sorry :/

From tommyton's streetstyle and timpo's blog
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Where does one find "Timpo's Blog" ?



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Thanks guys!

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