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thank you for sharing all these pics. After the rather boring look book I was a little concerned about this season, but these pictures are making me feel much better! Some great looking stuff again, glad to see corduroy outerwear again (have a brown corduroy bedford from last year and it became a quick favorite). Mackinaw coat is my favorite piece so far I think.
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The black floral print shirt is giving me Paul Smith vibes!
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anyone know price points for the baker jacket and/or the field parka? the only prices i've seen are in yen and the conversion puts them at ~$600 and $820, respectively. being relatively new to EG I don't know if there is a markup for the japanese market.
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I think there is usually a bit of a markup. That sounds too expensive on both counts. Last years field parka was around $500 I believe...would expect it to be less than $600 this year, but that is just a guess. I like the look of the navy one a lot for this season, picked up the green one last year and it is a great coat...need to remind myself I really don't need two field parkas.
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Prices are up a fair amount for this fall winter. After talking with a SA at nepenthes my understanding is that the camo bedford will be ~$700, and the jap sites had it at like $740. That is a significant increase from the normal price of the bedford. He did say that the wool camo runs at a premium and is priced accordingly, so stuff in the serge wool will likely be less.
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The 20oz Melton Cruiser (¥64,050, per is about 75% the price of the Wool Camo Cruiser (¥86,100). Melton tends to be slightly more expensive than serge wool. Thus, we could probably expect the following:

- Wool Camo Bedford ~ $700
- Melton Bedford (if they make it in melton) ~ $525
- Serge Wool ~ $500 (about 95% of $525)
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damn, seems to be up quite a bit, no?
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I believe my uniform serge wool bedford fw11 retailed for around $400, so this is like a 20% price hike. Kinda weak, but with brand awareness and EG trying to position themselves in the higher end range this was a logical next step. Keep in mind these bedfords might be lined or partially lined, whereas mine was unlined. At their current margins with the small runs they have and the domestic production, its probably hard to expand business without upping pricing. I think on the positive side with less accessible pricing more good items will likely make it to sale prices, which should be good for everybody in the end.
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really want an olive wool bedford.
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Context has their first shipment up.
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i can't even look at EG on context. styling is so bad.
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Stopped into Context tonight and picked up the two chambrays. Fit isn't as slim as SS12 but it's not a lot larger...just a little. Blue chambray is nice, probably my favorite in recent years. Heavy vintage grey chambray is thick and a little on the brown side of things. Cool fabric. Natural cotton dobby was nice too but I got the natural sheeting from SS12 and they are too similar to justify both.

And so it begins.....
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Originally Posted by robin View Post

Some showroom pics:

Lot of nice things in this post. The Shawl Collar Jacket, Hoodies, and the 19th Century BD Shirts are looking good.
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Originally Posted by mike868y View Post

i can't even look at EG on context. styling is so bad.

Totally agree - What gives with those context guys?
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