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Originally Posted by workhorseblues View Post

I've got a pair coming in the mail – I'll post a fit pick with socks when they arrive.

Cheers man. I really like the relaxed look but haven't worn trousers with a hem like that in many a year.

On another note, can anyone comment on the difference between the herringbone Truman and the grey flannel Andover? I'm only going by pics but seem to be able to find a 3 piece in my size for both and struggling to make my mind up a little. Well I can only find an XL in the Andover rather than a L, am I right in thinking the consensus is to size up on that piece? If not and you know of somewhere with a L let me know.
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Originally Posted by JRS1979 View Post

Does anyone own the wool CPO shirt from this season and can advise on sizing? I take a S in this season's work shirt but had to size up to a M in the Jersey Bedford that Vinneus has posted above. Thanks.

...this is music to my ears! as i own the CPO form Inventory in a small and its perfectly fitted! so looking the medium bedford sould fit great!
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Anyone use a Japan proxy before and can recommend me one? The one I tried was unresponsive.
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Sutocorp has been recommended to me & it seems they get really good recomendations across the board...
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Originally Posted by canstyleace View Post

They do need to work on that recycled shoebox packaging though, mine barely survived without going to pieces, another couple days in the system and who knows what would've arrived.


They could have at least bagged up the contents before just chucking into a shoe box! The one area where they missed taping up the box, a rip along the side left the content exposed. For CAD $100, I felt pretty ripped off.

In other news, my Inventory order from Boxing Day arrived this morning. 5 days from ordering to arrival of goods to Sydney Australia is pretty damn good.
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Hello gentlemen! I'm sorry, do not tell me the size Engineered Garments. Do not judge strictly, I live in Russia, and is used to guide the European dimensions. I wear XL. But Engineered Garments placed in NY. I want to buy a jacket and shirt. They will not I great? Recent experiments with American T-shirts that showed me the size XL is very large. But this is just about T-shirts. A size grid can not find. Help please! What size will approach? Clothe themselves in the store is not possible = (

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You would be a size large most likely. What is your height and weight?
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Does anyone have the combo baker jacket and cambridge pant in herringbone? I was wondering if they could be worn together as a winter suit. Odins website says the herringbone cambridge pants are the match for the baker jacket. I'm just wondering about the fit. Thanks.
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My height 5.7 f (174cm) and weight 185 p (84 kg) And I have broad shoulders.

I found a jacket and measurements
Pit: 22.5"
Shoulder: 18"
Length: 28.5"
Seller wrote that XL size. And I think that it will suit me. But calling the store in Moscow was told that you need to take L.
Just afraid to miss with the size = (
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Do you know the names of the jacket and shirt you want to buy?
Do you want to layer clothes under the jacket or do you want a slim fit?

Without further info I would say go XL in the jacket and L in the shirt but if you can tell us which jacket and shirt you want that would be more helpful.
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Thank you for reply!

I want bedford jacket like this 

Shirt does not know yet what is what. Jacket sunk into the soul =)

Maybe I'll be under a jacket and something other than a shirt to wear.

And slim fit not for me. I have slight paunch =)

Is bad form if the jacket just tuck the sleeves?

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I want Bedford jacket =) And yes, I want layer clothes under jacket =) And slim fit not for me =)

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Here are measurements for the unlined cotton whipcord bedford which should be similar to the one you want (Unlined Cotton Duck Canvas)

Here are measurements for the work shirt, 19th century shirt, round collar shirt and miner shirt:
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I took off my shirt - put and measured it =) Dimensions converge  with

Pit: 22.5"
Shoulder: 18"
Length: 28.5" but length of my shirt  longer =)


Apparently still XL =) Just some T-shirts from America to XL  very big to me =)

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Overdyed Railroader, figured I'd share it here.
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