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Well, I caved and got that navy uniform wool serge suit, couldn't believe both my sizes were still available this late in the season,,,,, now where can I get that cinch vest?

I'm also thinking about the button shawl and olive aviator just wishing it wasn't lined.
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Bureau Belfast has the shawl collar one on sale.
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First time I give up and go for a large (all my other EG stuff is tagged Medium). I got a bunch of sweaters this year and trying to tackle NYC's winter with layering under a not-so-heavy jacket. Like previously reported in this thread, the shoulders on the Landsdown should be a little narrower, but I don't think it's the end of the world.

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Looks great!
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Originally Posted by drink8648 View Post

F2D1566 / Lined Bedford Jacket / 60% Poly - 40% Wool Grey Homespun Jersey XS > XL

need help from the experts here... im interested in this bedford but am stuck beteween a small and medium. im 150lbs and 5'10" i wear small in eg shirts but i want to layer the jacet. if it was to be worn as a suit of course i would go small but i want to pile it over a flannel and or sweater. my suits are 38s although im more like a 39 these days. LOL

please help!
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your a medium

im wearing that exact piece now.

im a small 36 (more like a 35) and i took that in a small. the lining makes it slimmer as well so if your going to layer def go for medium. i find this piece fits slimmer than my chalkstripe brookline from last year in small
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Vin, i'd at least go for a medium, having tried it on i can say it definitely fits small.
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Ahhhh Len! thanx man! Also Random solid advice, just copped the last medium from context! sounds like exactly what im looking for!
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Originally Posted by endless402 View Post

haha I wore that one today. really nice fit but wasn't sure if I could pull off the camo

I hear you. My main concern is that the colors are too bright, making the contrast of the camo pattern too clear - contrary to if it were more over all dark.
Sorry for my bad english, I hope you get what I'm saying.

What's your opinion?

I'm using these images as references..

Which would you say is most true?


Originally Posted by El QUaG View Post

Same here! I resorted to purchasing the Olive Field Parka in medium instead. The Northwood jacket is a really nice jacket.
I share your pain Shingles. I already purchased five jackets from the FW season and it's still early days of summer here in Sydney!
50% off at Inventory is too good to pass up. I also acquired 2 x pocket squares and the wind breaker.
At least shipping costs were quite fair given how much I purchased. I'm looking at you Jonathan + Olivia! CAD $100 for a single jacket delivered in taped up shoe box!?!? Come on guys, that's just ridiculous. The box arrived with tear in it!

Five? Wow..
I buy alot more FW stuff than I do SS. It's cold here in Scandinavia, making FW items wearable about 8-9 months a year I'd say, depending on layering etc.
Now we're pretty much in the deep freeze. Luckily I found the Navy Duffle Coat from last year, in medium at a sale. Copped it right away. It's the perfect, roomy piece for layering during our winters.

$100 CAD? That's ridiculous. I paid 40 CAD for the Bedford, from Inventory and they usually use Fedex.
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Originally Posted by Vinneus View Post

Ahhhh Len! thanx man! Also Random solid advice, just copped the last medium from context! sounds like exactly what im looking for!

Vin-- I think you made the right choice if you intend to layer. I'm a true 40 and initially ordered the L, which would've been perfect for me if that's what I intended. I sent it back and went with the M and it's perfect with a button down. Definitely fits slim.
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Blue chambray workshirt with red stitching popped up on yoox in sizes s,m,l just kopped one in large not a bad deal at 120 with 13% off with code yoox2013
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hi are the jeans made by nudie think that what it says on american rag site

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If anyone is in London they should definitely take a trip up to tailor at the tannery. They had tons of this seasons EG, think its all at 20% off too. Apparently they're going to have a proper website up and running in the New Year. They also had a load of Haversack too, which was pretty cool.
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Does anyone own the wool CPO shirt from this season and can advise on sizing? I take a S in this season's work shirt but had to size up to a M in the Jersey Bedford that Vinneus has posted above. Thanks.
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Anyone shop at Nepethenes? I inquired via email on several items, specifically jackets and the stoles / capes. Was wondering what their price and stock is at the moment.

Where else is still carrying said items ^

The prices are as below:
Aviator Jacket -$624
Truman Jacket -$504 for Corduroy and $552 for other fabrications.
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