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Hey fellas, anyone here have experience with yoga? I've been thinking that I could use a little stress relief here lately and yoga popped into my head. Now, I'm totally new to the subject, but I think it would work well for me. The increase in flexability would be nice too. Are there any things I need to be aware of before I start? Any "styles" that are better for beginners? Thanks... I've taken the whole "consult a physician before starting a new program" precautions already.
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GQT: I've been thinking of doing the same thing. I have a friend who's practiced for 20 years and really swears by it. The guru these days is supposed to be a guy named Rodney Yee, who has a studio here in Oakland. Google him. I'll also keep you posted on my progress if you'd like.
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I love yoga. I used to do it several times a week but now am down to maybe once a week. The classes are great, just ask if a particular class is okay for beginners. Get there early so you can get a spot you like. If it's your first time, you don't want to be right in front where everyone can see you because you may feel self-conscious and that would defeat the purpose. I also do yoga at home. I started out with a DVD but once I learned the basic poses, I just put on some music and go. It's GREAT for stress relief. You will feel amazing afterwards. It's a lot harder than most people think. Good luck.
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Yoga is one of my favourite ways to work out; you get strength training, an increase in flexibility and stress relief all in one go! I supplement regular yoga with Bikram yoga every week or two for something a little more intense. A few tips:
  • Buy a yoga dvd that has a section for beginners. Most dvds have 3 people doing yoga on them and you copy the one for your experience level; beginner, intermediate and expert. That'll give you a good idea of what to expect at a class and give you a chance to try a few things out in private first.
  • Buy some decent yoga clothes. You're going to be bent in a lot of different positions, shorts + boxers = exposed junk.
  • Don't eat for 1 or 2 hours before yoga, you'll need to be nimble and alert - not heavy and sluggish.
  • Hatha, or gentle, yoga is great for beginners. Most types have variations for beginners though so just look around for something you like the sound of. Start off slowly though, this is a whole new kind of exercise.
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