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Engineered Garments FW13

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Looking forward to Daiki's magic for this season bigstar[1].gif

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Did some digging and found Haven is going to be one of the new EG/Needles stockists.




Check out some of the pics here:


I didn't get a chance to pick up a polka dot flannel shirt from FW12; definitely will for FW13. I see some striped wools, paisleys, tropical-esque fabrics. Looking forward to it.

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And this is from CConcept. This is from the recent Pitti Uomo 83, so it must be FW13:




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Wish there was a bigger pic of this. I see a running theme of dark navy, browns, olives. A shot of red in the lookbook wall photo confirms the above^.


That floral coat on the right is interesting as well.





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Just popped up on Tumblr. Some red for FW13. Lookbook is all around the walls.


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Can't believe it's already time to talk about FW13...not that that's a bad thing, can't wait to see what's in store...we just still have FW12 snow on the ground here in Wisco. Melt damn you, I want to start wearing my SS13 stuff!
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Wow full steam ahead it seems. The prints appear to be more psychadellic this time. Fun times ahead.

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Thanks for info about lookbiook, I've been waiting!

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Women's FWK is more interesting this fall IMO
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This looks amazing yet again. It looks like he's taken the surf aspect further prints are more and more a focus now. It reminds me of a beautiful series of images taken by French photographer romain Laurent. I wouldn't be surprised if this image alone inspired his recent collections

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