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Red Wing boot sizing...

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bought a pair of 202s which I am happy with, the look and all. But the boot feels quite tight even though I held it up, sole to sole, with the pair I was wearing when I bought them and the Red wings were even a bit bigger. How could this be.

The sales guy said they would stretch out a lot, but theyre killing me right now. Anyone how a similar situation? Did they stretch? how long?
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My second day with RW 875s today. The first day, the top and sides were painfully tight. Today, not so much.

So... maybe a couple more days for both of us?
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Yeah my second day too.

Sounds good. I have really bad "impulse buy anxiety" after purchases sometimes, especially with shoes. Like I didnt think the buy through enough and now im stuck with having to deal with returning shoes...

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Is this the same as buyer's remorse? I have that sometimes. Not with these, though. I'm actually thinking of getting the 1905 version of these things the next time I ever need boots.
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red wing sizing is troublesom, cuz different styles fit diffrently, even though they are the same size and last..
my 875 in D are still pretty tight, hope that theyll get broken in soon.. actually given me a bloody heal several times... Kinda wish I got some wider ones.
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Did you get your bigger foot measured at the shoe store? That really helps to avoid a lot of hassles.
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that would´ve been nice, but there isn´t any red wing stores here...

Anyway, some models just fit diffrently. While 2917 is perfect in D, 595 chukkas turned out to be far too narrow in the toes in the same last.
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Can anyone speak to Red Wing sizing in general, or are they too model-specific in the idiosyncrasies? Particularly the Anniversary models? Do these run generally big, wide or true to size?

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In general I´d say they fit big, compared to sneakers (like a size bigger). width is difficult sinze they come in diffrent lasts (atleast I guess even the anniversary does ) D is supposed to be "normal" but I find it a bit narrow compared to most sneakers.
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Interesting. So, as a gambling man, one would size down a half size or so and size up a width? (And hope for the best.) This is for those who can't go to a store to try. The Anniversary models are practically impossible to find in the US, anyway.
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Well that depends on the width of your feet is it the 1905 model you mean? They should be similar to 875, right?
As a sneaker size 12/chucks 11 i´d get 11 E/E in the 1905, but if you have more normal/narrow feet a 11 D should be good. On the very safe side i´d get a 11,5 but those would probably be a bit big.
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Thanks. That's very helpful. Cheers!
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Hey LeicaLad, since when have you been posting here?

Anyway, if you're ever in Manhattan, there's a place called Dave's that might still be able to order the 1905s. I know last year, before I got my RWs, I was debating between the regular 875 and the anniversary 1905s, and the salesman said they could order it for me, if I was ever in the mood.

If you're really jonesing for it you can e-mail and ask:

By the way, I second SB's recommendation to size down on these. Not too sure about the wider width, although, the 875s don't have an insole, so if it's too loose, you can just put one in and it'll be pretty close.

Looking forward to seeing it in the shoes thread on the other sf.
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Hi Ang! I started lurking here last summer, but registered in the fall. I really thought my time in Burma (Myanmar), which is a slipper culture, had cured me of boot lust. Sigh. No such luck. It’s back with a vengence. Still, I’m way out in the boondocks, so I jones but try to resist. The SuFu shoe thread is probably my all time favorite thread, and has me lusting heavily after shell cordovan boots. The Red Wings are where I think I ought to be, but it’s really the Anniversary Special Editions done for Europe that I most desire. But, once I start considering that price range, I’m back to thinking shell cordovans. Heck, given Red Wings or Indy’s in shell cordovan... Hmmm. Given my denim buying spree, the carpets and custom made furniture, the boot purchases are about to destroy any semblance of budget my wife wishes I’d follow. Then, again, she’s not here. Heh-heh. Anyway, I really appreciate your offer, but I think I save you the hassles. Better I keep jonesing. When I get a trip home to the US late in July or August, I’ll bring my shopping list along. Sadly, Manhattan is no longer on my home leave list. I did spend a year in Manhattan fresh out of grad school. What fun! Now, basically I do D.C., K.C., L.A. and, if I have the time, Honolulu. Sorta a straight line across on my way back thru my home base in Bangkok. It sounds a hell of a lot better than it is, trust me. Too fast with too little time to hang in any of those locations. I think I’m paying off karmic debts. At least I really, really hope I am. Cheers. And, thanks again. Really.
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Originally Posted by LeicaLad
Hi Ang!

Given my denim buying spree, the carpets and custom made furniture, the boot purchases are about to destroy any semblance of budget my wife wishes I'd follow. Then, again, she's not here. Heh-heh.

LeicaLad, judging from your handle, I guess you forgot to mention the damage done by your camera gear.
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