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Even a standard 10-12 weeks for a Thailand factory made suit is beyond ridiculous. Our standard lead time is 3-4 weeks and that's for a suit hand made by a real tailor not machine made in a factory.


Even our completely hand stitched high end suits only have a 6-8 week delivery time


Waiting months for a standard suit is a sign of a company with no idea.

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These guys are a nightmare, avoid them at all costs!


Like most of the people here I waited a ridiculous amount of time for the suit and had to deal with terrible customer service the whole way.  After 5 months it arrived and was missing pieces and some shirts were clearly in the wrong order.  The items I did get would require major alterations.


They have no idea what they're doing, and I would suspect any positive review of them was planted by one of their employees.  If you ever do get the suit you wanted it might be okay, but that's a BIG if, and many other companies provide better quality of product.

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I bought a Groupon certificate last year for $399 for a suit, shirt and tie. My appointment was near the end of October, 2012 so to date I have been waiting over six months. The last communication I received from them was in January. I phoned them recently but got no response to the voicemail I left. I emailed them today but have so far received no response. After reading the posts on here I have a very bad feeling about my purchase.
I recently purchased another MTM suit package from another company and was very pleased with the results- tbe delivery was on time, fit was great and quality is awesome.
My next move is to contact Groupon to let them know what has happened. The promise of ten to twelve weeks has ballooned by at least twice that. I'm so tired of dealing with sketchy companies.
If anything transpires, positive or negative, I'll be back with an update.
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I bought a suit through these guys and two shirts. Did the whole Westin suit fitting and everything.
It took forever to arrive. When it finally did the pants were so short that after having them altered they were barely passable.
One of the shirts was so riddled with static that it couldn't be worn (tried everything).
When I contacted them they wouldn't cover my alteration costs. Or help me with the shirt that couldn't be worn.
The jacket lining in the suit has already starting to fray along with the lining in the pockets (about 12 wears)
When I contacted them they offered to give me a marginal credit (not even the price of a new shirt) on my next order....
I have never returned, nor will I ever...
This is the ultimate buyer beware. Don't use them. Save your money. Or at least get some value for your money, they do not have quality products.
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I encourage everyone here to go to twitter and put in that these guys are a joke. Use I did and these guys should be out of business.
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brutal brutal brutal


It took over 4 months to receive.  Suit jacket is way too small. They offer a $50 credit on future purchases. 


What a joke

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Finally received the order in April.  Brutal turnaround, and customer service saying "it takes 10 hours to make a custom suit".  Guess what, I could have hundreds of suits for the time it took to make one custom order.


Not only that, but the order wasn't even right!  There was no vest in the order, and the pants were too short.  Luckily, they left enough material in the cuff to take to a real tailor and get the proper hem.  We contacted them about the missing vest, to which they replied they would refund the money.  It's now September and we haven't been refunded.  Not only that, but they now refuse to answer emails and won't pick up the phone.


We are investigating legal action, I can't believe these people are in business.  DON'T GIVE THEM ANY MONEY! 

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Finally did get my shirts- after a year! They did, however, turn out well. One of them is a new favorite. The shirts fit very well, while the suits did not. On the second shirt (check pattern), the pattern on the placket is not square so is a bit off but passable.

As was mentioned before in another post, the lining of the suits has also started fraying. I ordered the contrast lining at additional cost. Low grade silk/poly looked great at the beginning but started to pill after just a couple of uses. Looks particularly bad at the pocket flaps- I have to trim them before wearing.

Like others, I would avoid these guys at all cost. The service or lack thereof plus excuses combined with very basic quality made this an interesting experiment.

On the flip side, I have since ordered shirts and a suit from Modern Tailor. Can you believe shirts delivered from China to Canada in exactly 7 days???? Sure beats a year. Far superior quality too- and great immediate communication. I actually used measurements from the Executive custom shirt so I have great fitting shirts and better fabrics! Suit came in 16 days flat at $365 delivered including several upgrades. Love the online order process. I will be buying many more.

Thank you, Executive Custom Tailors. You helped me find Modern Tailor...
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I had a horrible experience with them.  My suit was way too big and boxy (the pants wre 3 sizes too big, the cuffs on the shirt were too long and the cuffs on the jacket were uneven)  After submitting photos of the ill fitting suit, all they offered me was a $50.00 credit to my account, which would imply that I would buy from them again!  Horrible suit, very unprofessional company.  I'm in the process of going to small claims court.

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Terrible!  Bad suit  and shirt!  The suit is useless and oes not fit at all!  Very unprofessional company!

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1$ is still to expensive for something you wont like, I spent a lot of time traveling and i found out these are manufactures that create a tailoring division or tailoring mask, and when production drops they pass these orders...better stick to the local tailors with a face to talk to!

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Don't do it.


It's not a complete scam, as they will give you a service and will actually deliver something to you, but you should not be shocked to no receive exactly what you asked for and if you have any problems whatsoever, they will not respond or will respond by email telling you to phone their customer service number where it goes to answering machine 100% of the time and are never dealt with.


After 3 years of trying to get my money back for an item (extra pair of pants) that i already paid for and they never sent, i've just given up.

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I just stumbled upon this forum after I too have wondered where my suit has been for over 2 years after getting fitted in Victoria. After countless emails - excuse after excuse and not being able to get a refund ( aside from a $100 credit) this has been very frustrating. I may have shed some light on finding out who these guys were! 

I recently was doing some searching online to see if anyone has come up with solutions and stumbled back onto the executivecustomtailors.comwebsite. Although a who is search of this domain is private I found that another domain is being forwarded to ‎That domain is "" - it forwards to executive. When I performed a who is search is came up with a gentleman's name Sean and his cell and details.

I searched for this character online and turns out he has a shop here in Edmonton ( with some good and some bad reviews) . I also was able to find a article ( looks like it was a paid advertising news column)  with a picture and yes it was the man who fitted me in Victoria! The new shop is called "Suits By Curtis Eliot ". I suggest you guys take a look as I am very positive this is the guy I dealt with who I still have recieved no suit or no response ( goes to voicemail ) when I try to figure out where my hard earned money was spent. I plan on going down to this shop when I am back in town and trying to get my money back. Put these guys on blast as this seems to be a very serious issue and I am sick and tired of not getting a service I paid for!  It also turns out that his private email ends in "45" and from the looks of it the accounts that were banned had a 45 in them ( one of them) . Looks like he does a few things in the city from events to this clothing company.

Hopefully this will help others in the quest to get a refund they deserve!
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